Remember this one? – Second Sight – The Isle of Avalon

It was my mother, once again*, who introduced me to the work of this author and her books. Judith Orloff, M.D. is a doctor (you noticed the M.D.?) and yet, she acknowledges the power of intuition, dreams and visions and their ability to heal. It is so simple. Ridiculously simple. Be present. Listen, watch and be prepared to do. Do what? What you are led to do.

The problem, of course, is fear. It gets in the way, washes over and blinds us to the possibilities.

Second Sight asks us to believe in ourselves. Not our ego… our credentials… book smarts… or even our common sense. It asks us to tap into a knowingness that’s been there all along.

The Isle of Avalon is from ancient Celtic mythology. I leave it to you to follow the link (or read about it in Orloff’s book). But what I will say is that it’s a place where intuition reigns. It sounds beautiful and mysterious… I picture misty cliffs and the sound of waves crashing below. When we look over the edge, we see the foamy remains being washed out to sea. But we can see no further. This isn’t about looking outward, after all.

I love books about intuition and have a few. This one touched me at a time when I needed it most. I suspect it’s why my mother picked it out for me. My son had recently attempted suicide and not for the first time. This time, however, he was fully adult and knew exactly what he was doing. The first time, he’d been eight years old. This time, it was twenty years later and much more violent. He survived. I didn’t think I would.

Orloff’s book begins with a suicide story. It brought me a kind of comfort, though to be honest, after reading it, I put it on the shelf and haven’t picked it up again until today. I forgot how good it was… how beautiful and therapeutic.

It also touches on physical health, as I knew it would. She is, after all, a doctor. But even then, it wasn’t scary for me to read (remember, I have health anxiety). It offers healing on every level.

I’m kind of waxing poetic today, aren’t I? I guess some books bring it out in me. This is one of them.

* My mother is a therapist, cancer survivor and bibliophile. I credit her for my love of books and desire to learn about alternative avenues to healing. You will notice that she’s been the giver — or catalyst — for many of my choices about what to share here. 

Originally posted by me on November 15, 2017


  1. How lovely, Sherry! Although I gave you suggestions, it was YOU who followed through, reading and taking in what was most healing for you.

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  2. I too like to get carried away by beauty and imaginary lands. Regrettably in my experience “reality” always kicks in. So on top of all the usual remedies I am microdosing.

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