Easy like Sunday – Look into my eyes…

Well, my peeps…

Remember last week when I wrote about going to a tea party? In that post, I mentioned that this week, I was invited somewhere really neat, and that it had the potential to be healing, helpful and wonderful.

I was planning to go up until the very last moment… really, I was! Or rather, I should say, up until the moment before the very last moment. Anxiety is a real bitch.

I got up, felt like poop, wondered if I shouldn’t stay home, brushed my teeth, cleaned up, got dressed, did my hair, felt like poop, got my scarf, gloves, jacket and umbrella, still felt like poop…

Obviously, every moment along the way, I wondered if I should stay home. But guess what? I DIDN’T STAY HOME. I did it, afraid. Yay, me!

donnaimagesummer2018promosmallDonna Lee Zmenak is beautiful, inside and out. Her light shines across phone lines, email and the internet. In person, she’s a beacon. She’s also a healer, clearly. And a smarty-pants. She’d have to be to keep a room full of people captivated from 10am – 4:30pm! And captivated, I was!


Sounds good, right? Hey, I need to heal my life! I like love! Just my kind of thing!

Since it was a whole-day seminar, I couldn’t possibly tell you everything! I mean, I could, but it would be a 10,000 word post and nobody wants that!

Let me start with this… the venue was beautiful. The featured photo is of the room, which had stained glass windows. The day began drizzly but later, the sun lit up the room in color, as you can see on the back of the chair. It was perfect.

Donna spoke about her life and life’s work… though the majority of the day was about us and tools we could take home with us. Our agenda looked something like this:

  1. Learn to Pay Attention To Your Thoughts, Emotions and Behavior to Manage Your Life Energy
  2. Learn to  Focus Your Energy on Creating The Life and Healing You Want
  3. Learn How to Free Yourself From Mindlessness and Noxious Thinking
  4. Shift Your Thoughts – Change Your Brain- Influence Your Biology
  5. Step Into The Awareness That Opens The Door To All Possibilities

Some take-a-ways:

  • We (you, me, everyone) is pure consciousness
  • We no longer need to identify with the “story of our lives” – We can rewrite it!
  • Create by design, not default
  • Stress is being “here” but wanting to be “there”
  • We cannot suppress the shadow aspect of our humanity
  • Be a witness, not a judge

Seriously, there was so, so, so (!!!) much more and I feel woefully unable to explain it all. I think, what may be more helpful to you is to tell you one thing I did as a result of this day… and one thing that happened that will forever change my life.

One thing I did: We were talking about negativity. It wasn’t a lengthy discussion… in fact, it might have been a footnote in my journal, had I not had an experience over the last several days. Let me explain: Obviously, I write here. I am on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (not going to link them. You can get the links from the main page of this blog, if you so desire. It is, after all, Easy like Sunday). I also went on Twitter, at first to simply share my blog posts. Pretty quickly, I realized that Twitter isn’t for the faint of heart… and actually, it’s mostly for complainers. In fact, it’s mostly for complainers about politics. Now, I’ve stopped trying to talk about politics around here (you’re welcome!) and very rarely on Facebook. I have no desire to fight with anyone about my beliefs. Well, I didn’t, until Twitter. Over the months, I went by The Self-Help Whisperer™ … and then changed my name to Sheryl Hutton … and finally, American in Canada. Along with my name change came a change to what I was doing there. It was not positive. I was angry and getting angrier. Eventually, I stopped sharing blog posts completely and started sharing only my very strong opinions, often directly on the pages of the people I felt very strongly about. Yikes!

I told myself that I was a resister and fighting for a cause, dammit! And I was pissed. Perpetually.

The last three days have been the worst! I knew it was bad for my soul and psyche. I knew! But I was drawn to go back… to fight.

All that to say, I got off Twitter today. I deactivated my account and deleted it from my phone. Oh my goodness, I feel lighter already!

Speaking of lighter, that’s what I really want for my life. I want to feel lighter in body andIMG_1959 soul. How can I do that? Well, I can practice gratitude, hold my hand over my heart, or a little something called “breathing”. So simple, since we all do it, right? Well, yes and no. I know this for a fact as it’s one of the things I DON’T do when I’m having a panic attack. That, or gulping air and hyperventilating. I digress, but not really, since anxiety and depression were mentioned several times today… especially the connection between the heart, brain and physical and mental well-being.

There’s something very, VERY profound that I wish to share with you. When I got home, I came in and asked my husband to come with me to the kitchen. I turned on the light so we could see each other clearly. I asked him to look into my eyes without saying anything. We did… and at first, he looked amused. Then, his eyes softened. I asked him if he felt what I was sending to him. He said love, which of course, I was. Without knowing what we were doing, he was also sending love to me.

I told him that at the end of the day, Donna had us do this with every single person in the room. She played beautiful music and we all lined up. One person at a time went through the line and we all had a turn. Just look into the eyes of the person in front of you and send love. It didn’t take long to hear sniffles. I ended up with a pocket full of Kleenex. You think this would be hideously uncomfortable with a room of virtual strangers. But here’s the thing… in a way, we’re not strangers at all. We’re all connected. How cool is that? Try it! It will amaze you!



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