Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Penny: Just a little bit wicked

“It’s just life, so keep dancing through.”

― Stephen Schwartz, Wicked: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Musical

Penny knows a thing or two about the kind of life you keep dancing through. Also, she’s a little (a lot) witchy.

A widow in her 40’s…

I stop. Is she in her 40’s? Who knows? She’s timeless, ageless and sometimes a little kid, playing in the mud. God, she’s magnificent!

Penny is my next interview and there is so much to be learned from even a short conversation with her!

Okay, again… a young widow who did everything to bring healing to her young, beautiful husband, who just happened to look like Robert Redford. He was funny, spectacular and her favorite date. Looking back, their trips out of the country, special diets and therapies are a blur of hope and prayers, from this side of the computer screen, I mean. Penny was a caretaker, researcher, hands-on-healer and so much more… but healing for Brian was not to be.

There was one thing about him that made it, let’s just say, a little difficult, both long before the cancer and into the healing process: He was a Scientologist. You hear about this on television, of course. But this is real life, folks. She’s writing a book about them and their journey (and beyond) and actually, writes a blog, too. I’ll be sharing all that, of course.

I met her online… and have been friends with her for two decades, even though we’ve never met in person. There’s actually a small but mighty group of us who have remained tight this whole time! Neat, right?

Did I mention that Penny is a witch? Well, a Wiccan… it’s the same thing, isn’t it? Penny will tell us a little more about that. (Hint: She’s Feminine Divine, that’s what I know!)

And, oh yeah, she’s a certified coach… and ran her own website where people’s lives changed. No biggie. *shrug* (That’s me, being ironic. I don’t do it well. Can you tell?)

She hosts Turkey-Free Thanksgivings and May Days and Solstice celebrations (Winter Solstice is coming up [Yay! The shortest day of the year] although I know there’s much more to the day than my reason for loving it! LOL)… all from her home.

Oh, her home. A showplace! Not, rich and famous on Malibu showplace. She’s just an artist who transforms boring anythings into works of art. I remember a particular wall that she painted “bricks” onto… such fabulousness.

Penny is also a healer. She once led a meditation over the phone and I’ve never forgotten it. When I found a labyrinth years later, I walked it for her (and me too, of course!) and turned to snap a photo. I can still hear her voice in my ear.

She is one of my favorite people on earth and I could write a million “She’s also”s… because she is worthy of my praise. I am blessed to know her and I think you’ll find her to be smart, funny, gracious, and one hell of a woman!




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