2019: Year of Water

Last year, I was very general with my one-word self-help wish for 2018. The word was “Nurture” which of course could mean many things.

This year, I am being very specific… and there’s a reason. Let me explain (you knew I would!)…

I have always found peace and healing from water. I found it in strange places, even the desert, where I lived for 15 years. Check out Spring Valley Lake in Victorville, California. My family used to pile in the car and drive around looking at the houses and lights reflecting off the water there. It was… maybe 15 minutes away from home. We could dream. There were nearby mountains, too, with natural lakes, but they were an hour away. The Pacific Ocean was 2+ hours drive. As a Southern California girl, born and bred, I was always a short trip to water of some sort.

Where I live now is also surrounded by water — the Great Lakes! And then, just a short hop away is one of the  most famous waterfalls on earth, Niagara Falls. I take pictures of my surroundings on the way to work each day… and post them to my Instagram page. The main subjects of my photos are cats (lol – our dear Hannah and Bette), naturescapes and water. Lots and lots of water!

As you might imagine, I read a LOT. An article passed through my Facebook page and it caught my eye. It was about how much of our bodies are made up of water and how drinking more water is healthy. Well, duh. We ALL know this. But this time, I connected it with my love of water surrounding me… and my love of swimming, though I rarely get to do it or want to “slip into” a swimsuit. Ha! More like “break a sweat to get into” it. But I digress.

AND THEN… the weirdest thing happened… except, I don’t believe in coincidences…

A friend is teaching a new healing modality called Aqualead… and it’s all about the healing power of water. No, that’s not exactly right. It’s about using water (in our bodies, our pet’s bodies, the earth) TO heal. Wait, no. It’s about the energy of water. To heal. There. I think that’s right. I mean, I haven’t yet taken the class (it’s in January) but I’ll have more to say when I have, I’m sure!48395901_10155811376212617_3346729574644842496_n

Point is… it IMMEDIATELY jumped out at me because I had just decided that this would be my year of WATER.

I would make sure to ALWAYS have water nearby for drinking… other liquids are fine, too, especially those made with water (Gin and tonic, anyone? Kidding!!!) like teas, cold or hot. Even a cup of coffee is better than having no water. But I’m planning on *water* being the main source of my … well… water. lol

So, there were only 6 slots available in the class and I got one of them. The class was filled within a few hours. Yay, me!

And then, yesterday… we were in the bookstore buying a gift when I saw this book – IMG_2112Infused Water by Dalila Tarhuni and another about homemade teas (that I’ll discuss later)… both on sale… and thought, well, I need these! And so, they are now in my collection. This one is so beautiful, filled with photos… and offers lots of combinations for infused waters, which I love. Win/win!

So, my 2019 theme will be WATER. But you knew that already.

How about you?


  1. I absolutely LOVE how you write and share Sheryl and so grateful that you have claimed this year as your year of WATER! Having you a part of the Aqualead energy and learning is such a wonderful gift! Thank you for what you bring to it. You are a blessing xo.

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  2. Over the last hour, I’ve taken a look around… and that’s so cool that my mom’s recommendation and yours align! What a stunning and beautiful concept… and I am so jazzed to see what my “Year of Water” brings! ❤


  3. You’re familiar with the work of Dr. Masako Emoto with regard to the long list of unsuspected qualities in water, and ways in which to harness them?… Hmmm?… 😊

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