Hello, 2019!

Last year, I wrote a post just like this one… kind of. It’s here, if you’d like to read it. In it, I shared my word for 2018: NURTURE. How did I do with my word? Pretty well, actually.

Saying something out loud is incredibly helpful when it comes to remembering it. I could link studies, but I don’t feel like going to look for them. Trust me on this one… studies have been done that prove that hearing *your own voice* say something out loud to yourself goes a long way towards remembering it. On occasion, I have been known to yell out, “I unplugged the curling iron!”… and darned if I don’t thwart anxiety an hour later when I would normally panic.

There were days that I felt like doing anything-BUT nurture myself but did it anyway. Sometimes, it was in very small ways, like buying shampoo because I like the scent of it, even if it was the more expensive brand… or… drinking herbal tea instead of another cup of coffee… or… putting lotion on my elbows.

Other days, yeah, Nurture may have been the word of the year, and no, I didn’t forget it, but yes, I said, “Screw it” and did something non-nurturing, like eating a second chocolate bar… or…  sitting for an hour staring at the wall… or… looking at my phone instead of reading a book. For hours.

And then there were days… glorious days… when I purposely and with intent did things that completely and luxuriously nurtured me, like sitting in my big, poofy rocking chair with a book, creating my 2019 Vision Board, and going to a seminar that threw me way out of my comfort zone and also brought me to my knees with gratitude.

Yes, 2018 was a nurturing year… but I could have done better. I want to do better. And I don’t need a “named year” to do it, do I? Do you? No, we don’t!

2019 is the Year of Water, as you know. And, I’ll tell ya… I have plans.

For one thing, I’m surrounded by water… Lake Ontario on one side, Lake Erie on the other, with fingers and creeks and rivers and waterfalls (like, you know, that big one the honeymooners like) and harbors, and puddles. And of course, the faucet. The tub! My table fountain! Water, water, everywhere!

What else is going on?


A dear, lifelong friend and I are doing “An Artful Journey” together… check out the website here. On Monday mornings, we’re each pulling a card to work on through the week. On Friday, we’re checking in with each other. The first card I pulled is “Adventure”… and I’m incorporating water in wherever I can, so… it may mean that for the first time in a long time, I’ll get out of the car and walk the beach. In winter! Dare me? Ha! Maybe? lol

Do you have a friend you can trust to do something like this with you? I highly recommend it! And, oh yeah, my friend initiated it! Am I grateful? Deeply! This gesture is one of her loveliest, because she is trusting me. Talk about vulnerability!

I’m still jazzed about everything going on with my blog here. I have piles of books to go through, one that was sent to me to review! I LOVE that! If you are an author of a self-help or any kind of book that speaks to self-improvement, give me a shout and I’d be glad to review it.

Do you love books? Do you love FREE books? Have you entered my contest yet? Go, do it now! You have nothing to lose and a neat book to gain!

I am just thrilled you’re here and hangin’ tight with me! This has been an adventure (Oh! There it is!) to be sure… and one I am grateful for and look forward to continuing.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my peeps! 

Together, may 2019 be our self-help-y-ist year ever! 


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