BiO MoMeNt – DiScOmBoBuLaTeD


past tense: discombobulated; past participle: discombobulated
  1. disconcert or confuse (someone).
  2. “this attitude totally discombobulated Bruce”
mid 19th century: probably based on discompose or discomfit.

Yesterday, I had a fantastic conversation with my dear, childhood-neighborhood friend. She’s the one I told you about here… the one with the beautiful cards.

It wasn’t easy… there are a zillion posts around here that explain how much I hate the phone. Not only was I on the phone, I was on video phone. I nearly barfed. But my friend calmed me down. She’s a good kid. She always feels like a kid because I remember when she was (we were). Kids, I mean.

Yeah, we were just two pre-teens setting out to conquer the world. Life had some other plans. Certainly not a new story. At my age, if I know *nothing else* I know this: We ALL – as in ALL/ EVERYONE/ NOT-ANYONE-IS-MISSED – get surprised by life.

I’d intended to go grocery shopping after our conversation. Instead, I sat on a chair. If you’re expecting something pithy here… nope, I got nothin’.

Last night, my husband and I had a great date. First, we went to our favorite pizza joint and then, we did something we very rarely do – we went to the Casino. At the restaurant, I allowed myself a “Prohibition” Beer. It’s non-alcoholic and it was fabulous! At the casino, we sat for two hours and won back dinner, the $20 we each put in, and then some. As we drove home, we discussed how we would spend our loot… on extra groceries, of course! We picked up decaf coffees at a drive-thru, came home and watched TV for an hour and then went to bed, satisfied with our evening.

Then I woke up. Several times. My head aching. Took my “big gun” meds. Woke up at 10am-ish. Still felt off. We used some of our winnings to go out to breakfast. And then we went grocery shopping. How did it all go? Not well. I was snippy, snappy and pissy. For no damned reason.


There’s always a reason. You know me by now. Always! A. Reason.

So, what was going on? Well, lemme tell ya…

  • This was my fourth day of having a headache, which often comes with changes in weather. I’m not to take my depression/anxiety med on the same day I take the headache med. Well, I could, but it could spike my blood pressure. Anyway, for three days, I didn’t take those meds. Today, figuring it *might* have something to do with it (ya think?)… I did take it. In spite of the possible interaction. Yeah, I live on the edge that way.
  • I forgot to pick up a different prescription yesterday. My pharmacy isn’t open on weekends. I’m having to ration the three pills I have left – I’m supposed to take two a day. I will be taking one. I’m mad at myself. It’s important and it was careless of me. I coulda used that “sit on a chair” time to get butt over there.
  • The last two weeks has been a rolly-polly schedule with work, as the holidays created early deadlines, mandatory days off and working odd days to make up for a day here and there. As a result, I worked yesterday, which is usually my day off. I don’t do well with upheaval. *shrug* I might be over-reacting.
  • Also, I have to work extra hours in the next two weeks to cover a holiday for someone else. I want to be helpful, but also want to preemptively crawl in a hole. By Friday, I plan to be dragging home. In the dark. Ugh. Which leads into…
  • January is still very dark months. The letdown after the holidays. Three months (at least) of winter left. Not my fave time of year.
  • And ya know, the weather has been really strange. Not snow-covered everything with bone-numbing cold and sunny days that don’t make it any warmer. Instead, we have rainy, low-level clouds that keep the air heavy and everything so dark it can sometimes (often) look like evening at 8am, noon or 3pm. It’s cold, yes, but it’s mostly damp-cold, which, blech.
  • Finally, none of this really matters. I have absolutely NO REASON for being out of sorts. The point is… I was. Am. Why? Does it matter? 

If everything happens for a reason, it’s logical to assume that I would spend a lot of time looking for reasons. That’s what I do. That’s what this is.

I think I’m depressed. Again. This is how it goes. I never get used to it, if indeed you can.

So, that’s what’s going on with me. Sorry I haven’t been around as much lately. It will get better. .

PS: My featured photo is what it looks like at the beach. Unwelcoming, unless you like muddy sand, wet grass and bare-limbed trees. Okay, I’ll stop writing now.

PPS: If you haven’t already, please submit your choice for my CONTEST. Deadline is tomorrow (Sunday) at noon!



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