Bio Moment – Storm’s a-brewin’

So, we’re supposed to get a big snow storm this weekend. What’s really strange is how it gets warmer, not colder… and today, the frozen water bottle in my car began to thaw.  Just an observation.

I had errands to run today and was out among the throngs in preparation of “Snowmageddon” which is set to arrive tomorrow at noon. Not to be too specific, or anything.

It snowed just a little last night and the streets were slippery. I’m a super-careful driver but alas, others are not-so-much, which explains why I was on edge out there.

I noticed my nerves were fraying when I very thoughtfully slowed down to allow a car to jump in front of me and they didn’t. Jump, I mean. In fact, they just idled there. I was waving my arm, screaming, “I’m trying to be NICE, dammit!” There was, possibly, smoke coming out of my ears, you know, like Yosemite Sam.

I pulled over into a parking lot and thought about what I’d done (cue voice of Mother). I yelled out loud in the car, “I’m trying to be NICE. I’m trying to be NICE.” It sounded so stupid, I laughed out loud. Because, of course, it sounded anything BUT “nice”.

And it made me wonder… was I being nice? Well, yes, but with strings. Either you go now while I’m being nice, or… or … what? I’ll run into you? You’ll have to wait? Who was that for, anyway? Them? Me? I know, I know… navel-gazing… not for the faint of heart. Ha!

The grocery store was jammed with people, like… folks are taking this snow storm thing pretty seriously. I was only there because it’s payday and I’m always there on Friday. The shelves weren’t bare or anything… but there were empty spaces where important things like pizza crust used to hang from a hook. I got the last thin crust. Just sharing.

And oddly, I’d stopped at the dollar store for a power bar, you know, to plug-in a few things at once, and … they were out. Out? Of power cords? Okay, anyway.

I’m home now and plan to stay here through this troubling time. Actually, it’s not troubling to me… because it means I get some time off to read and pamper myself, which has been in very short supply lately, speaking of short supply (see paragraphs above).

I’ve picked up an armful of health books that probably won’t interfere with my health anxiety… and I won’t link them because I may be back to write about them later… stuff like Wheat Belly, The Yeast Connection and The Allergy Bible… things I can sink my (metaphorical) teeth into… to get motivated, you know… to eat better and take care of myself. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get through them without going into a panic attack or thinking I’m dying from a mold-allergy or wheat-related cancer.

I’m back to my regular schedule at work, so I should be back to writing with regularity… and I’m so happy about it! I’ve missed being here (almost!) every day. I was so tired on Wednesday night (after a week of full-time hours) that I fell asleep during Murder She Wrote and if you know me, you know that’s akin to tragedy.

All is pretty darned good on this end. Depression and anxiety are moderately under control at the moment, I’d say. I feel… better… than I have for a while. I’m looking forward to being home and having nowhere to go this weekend.

How are you?


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