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To my mother: This is a book of one mans life growing up. I’m sure if I were to write a book, it would be just as fulfilling. We both could only thank our mothers for our memories. Love, Lee

The trouble with buying books from a thrift store is that they once belonged to someone else. The blessing in buying books from a thrift store is that they once belonged to someone else. -Sheryl Nelsen Hutton… yeah, me

Metamorphosis by David Suzuki caught my eye for several reasons. First, the title. I could share a bunch of definitions but it wouldn’t provide the beauty and captivation that this one YouTube Video does. This isn’t Suzuki‘s video but don’t worry, I have him linked all over this post. 🙂

Metamorphosis goes on in many ways throughout nature… a truth not lost on Suzuki, who shares how stages in the lifetime of a human can be compared to scientific metamorphosis, which is another reason I was drawn to this book.

And then there is the author, David Suzuki. He is HawkingSagan and Darwin, wrapped in the cloak of a wise elder or sage. If you don’t know him, you should find out more… he’s fabulous! His voice is one of reason… he sounds gentle, though some of his messages are far from it! Not surprisingly, he is concerned about our earth… as we all should be! But I digress.

The quote above, the one by “Lee” is what was scribed on the title page of my copy of the book. He presented the book to his mother, obviously. Perhaps she passed away… who knows?… but the book ended up in my favorite thrift store, which prompted quote number two, by me/myself&I.

Suzuki, actually dedicated the book to his father. “From the genes you gave me, to the lifetime of experience and example, you helped me through much of my metamorphosis.”

I am just thankful to have seen Lee’s loving inscription… because books hold energy, you know? And he presented it with love… as I present it to you. And, oh yes, ever mindful of my own mother and father, who helped me through my own metamorphosis. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Metamorphosis is part biography, part science lesson and part lecture about environmentalism… along with plenty of personal stories.

And that brings me to another point in a book full of points:

Suzuki tells stories of his life, which parallel stories in our lives… as he says on the front book jacket:

“My life history is only important in informing the reader about her or his own life.”

So true!

Suzuki has been writing and on television for many years. If you have an afternoon, check out this link ^^^ . You will see him as a young man… and older… he is 82 years old now! Most of his life has been devoted to the people, planet, animals and ideals he cares about. But as you know, the movie is never as good as the book *grin* and reading Metamorphosis gave me some additional insight in his own words.

As I said, this is a book of stories… and Suzuki is an excellent storyteller. There are several pages of photos and a drawing or two. Did I mention he’s Canadian? He is. But, you know, he had an interesting insight on page 195:

Too often, Canadian scientists set limits on their outlook. It gets my hackles up when I hear […] that ‘we are the best Zoology Department in Canada. 

I guess that’s why I didn’t lead with, “Canadian David Suzuki”… also, he’s been all over the world! I see him as a citizen of the world. 🙂

This is a great book that ends as he’s entering his 50s. I understand he has a follow-up. If it shows up on my bookshelf, you’ll be the first to hear about it!


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    This man is spectacular!


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