Do I Look Fat in This? – Gettin’ over yerself!

Yeah, who hasn’t asked themselves or others, “Do I look fat in this?”

Not a one-of-us! That’s what I thought.

Perfect name for a book, right?

Rhonda Britten is among a small list of “Life Coaches” I follow… and did before life coaches were even a thing. I’ve written about her once before, while discussing her book, Fearless Living. I won’t rehash the whole story here, except to say that I met her in person, along with 25 (or so) of my fellow co-workers, during an in-service at the college where I worked. That was *some* job I had there! (Ah, the perks of living and working in California, eh?)

Anyway, I like Britten. A lot.

I’ve followed her on social media over the years and yes, she has struggled with her weight a little. Never fat, she was at times, softer. I understood that she wasn’t always happy with her weight.

Eating disorders and weight issues have been the topic of more than a few of my posts, so you already know how I feel. If you don’t, feel free to check out this post. It will also lead you to the first post I wrote on the subject. Yeah, I’m a mouth-y broad about bodies and fat and stuff. But I digress.

Throughout the book, there are photos of women in workout clothes, along with their listed height and weight *shiver*. My favorite is on page 48. Here’s Sarah and BJ…

One is slim, the other heavy, yet they share one belief between them:  IMG_2732

I’m always going to look bad, no matter what.

How sad is that?

And for the record, as if you didn’t know, I am much closer to BJ in size! And actually, our slim friend Sarah, who looks quite slim to me but is actually more-than-a-little-bit larger than size 0, which seems to be the goal these days. I remember when I weighed 125. I was 12. But I digress. Again.

Britten says, right from the get-go, that this is not a book of diet plans, exercise routines, pills or cosmetic surgery options. Yes, and get ready, this is one of those annoying books that ask you to see your precious body for what it is and what it does to support and sustain you… and accept it. And by the way, a by-product may be that you lose weight simply by paying attention.

At this point, more than a few of you might be saying: Blah, blah, blah.


Britten is as real as they get. And her voice shines through. I believe she cares. I believe she understands. I believe she’s right!

She leads you through the stories you’ve told yourself through the years, the history and legacy of food and exercise in your life and the language you use to speak about yourself – to yourself and others. It’s a little bit life-coach-y, a little bit psychology, a little bit common sense.

Her writing voice is like her speaking voice… light and breezy, though she has some tough things to say.

I like this book. I like her. I think you will, too!

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