Easy like Sunday – Doing The Splurge!

I’m super-excited and super-scared. Why? Well, look up there ^^^^^ at my address line. Notice something? Or rather, the absence of something? The word “wordpress” is gone from my address. I now own theselfhelpwhisperer.com. How about that?

Yesterday, I got an email from WordPress that said I could save 20% off any of their plans until midnight tonight. It’s something I’ve been considering for about six months but was afraid to do.


Oh. That.

Afraid of failure. Afraid I’d fall on my face. Afraid this blog-thing wouldn’t last. Afraid I suck. Afraid I’d lose interest. Afraid you’d lose interest. Afraid I don’t deserve it. Afraid it would all fizzle out into a trash heap in this little corner of the internet.

In short, afraid.

Also, $.

Yeah, money. Yep, the almighty dollar. Well, 48 of them, plus 20% if I didn’t grab up the deal by midnight.

I know that’s not much. It’s a drop in the bucket to a lot of folks. Not me. Nope! My money is hard-earned and precious. There are a million-gazillion reasons why I didn’t want to spend money on myself. Reasons and people.

HOW DARE I SPEND THIS ON MYSELF WHEN OTHERS NEED IT! (I know that was all in caps and it sounds like I’m yelling. I am, I guess. At myself.)

And then I said to myself… this thing… this blog… I want to do that!

And so, I did!

I share this with you for (probably) obvious reasons. This is a self-help blog and I almost self-helped myself out of a dedicated domain space because of fear and a feeling I didn’t deserve it.

It’s part of this whole … for lack of a better word … journey. (Barf. I really do dislike that word. It’s become incredibly distilled to mean everything from an actual journey across the globe… to … losing 7 pounds — “It’s been a journey”. Indeed. But I digress.)

Here I am, opening the curtain on the last act of my life. It’s not the time for being afraid. It’s time to step into the light and act! And so I am. 🙂 #doingitafraid

So, come with me, fair people… we have work to do. Self-help work!

PS: The featured photo is the time I “Mad-Men’d” myself. That’s me in the striking pantsuit, bossing around a bunch of men. A girl can dream.



  1. Congratulations! How incredible and awesome!!! 🌷💗🙏🏼💫🙃🌟🎉🎈🌷💗

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