Easy like Sunday – Look Ma, no static!

One of my more UNendearing traits is procrastination. I can NOT do something longer than pretty-much anyone I know. If there were a contest and the winner won a trip anywhere in the world, I’d be writing to you from Greece. Or California, Oregon or Washington. Or Disneyland.

So, when I first read this laundry tip, I didn’t do it. I didn’t even think about it, to be honest. And then, I read it again, about two months ago, and I thought, you know, I really should try this. But I still didn’t. Until now. And seriously, as I stood folding laundry today, I thought, why the HELL haven’t I been doing this for years? What a waste… of money… and potentially better health!

Oh, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Let me explain. My husband and I both have severe allergies and skin issues, so shopping for laundry products has always been a bit of a strain. Do we buy the unscented-everything that costs an arm-and-a-leg or the cheap stuff and make do? For years, we’ve gone back and forth and at times, I even made our own laundry soap, softener and reusable fabric softener sheets that were actually cut up towels. Working with raw stuff like grated soap, Borax and distilled water with unscented hair conditioner, I had limited success in both saving money and skin.

Then I read about white vinegar. I mean, okay, yes, we’ve been cleaning our coffee maker with it for years. So, it’s not like I didn’t know about it. And no, I’m not using it to replace detergent, it’s the rinse!

Now, before you poo-poo this as some woo-woo thing, it freaking worked!

I just now folded the second load using white vinegar as the rinse, as you would with Downey. And NO dryer sheets. The only thing that had a tiny-bit of static was my old Hanes sweatshirt from 1999. Leave me alone, it’s comfortable and warm!

As I folded, I thought, what the hell, Sher? You just spent $7 on a package of Tide for 30 washes and $1.99 on 4L of vinegar which will last three times as long! Well, maybe twice as long. Me + math = sucks. But you know what I mean!

And it reminded me of something else. My tapping. Or, er, I should say, my NOT tapping. Can you imagine if I did it and (gulp!) lost weight or (gulp!) lowered my blood pressure or (gulp!) changed my life?

Do you think there’s a chance I would wonder why the hell I hadn’t done it before?

Yeah, me too!

Procrastination gets me exactly nowhere. And it costs.

Time to get out the book again. And get back to doing whatever I can to heal, including my 2019: Year of Water.



  1. Fun post, Sherry! You’re really onto something here! The only thing I would suggest is making sure everyone knows you mean “white vinegar” – not one of the many red varieties. BTW, reds do make a good after-shampoo rinse for brunettes, but not for blondes or those with gray hair. (My two cents!)

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