How goes my “Year of Water”?

At the end of December, 2018, I decreed 2019 to be my Year of Water. I thought you might be wondering how it’s going. Are you? Then, read on, McDuff!

As an aside: I typed “read on, McDuff” and asked myself, where did that come from? So, I looked it up, against my “Easy like Sunday” rules. Well, you can imagine my profound embarrassment to find it’s not “Read on, McDuff” but “Lead on, McDuff” and actually, I wasn’t that profoundly embarrassed or further, embarrassed at all and, as I also discovered, that’s not the actual quote anyway, per which states:

But as any keen Shakespearian or wordsmith will tell you, this is a misquotation from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 8. The phrase should be ‘lay on’ which means to make a vigorous attack. The words are spoken by Macbeth to Macduff. They are in battle and Macduff challenges Macbeth to yield. 

While I am super-keen (less scholarly and more Scooby Doo) and a bit of a wordsmith, I clearly did not know any of that. Except that I ***thought*** it may have come from Shakespeare, which I at first spelled as Shakesphere, which goes to show how keen I am. Ahem. So, yes, let’s carry on, shall we?

What the heck were we talking about? Ah yes, water. Specifically, 2019: Year of Water.

I’m doin’ okay, thanks for asking! 😉


Can you believe it’s mid-March? Me, neither! Every week, I think I’ll do better and then the week is over and I haven’t.

A friend and I were talking last week and she’s known me for a bazillion years – as actually most of my friends do. I have very few “new” friends, but that’s a chat for another day. There’s a little enclave of friends I lived by when I was a pre-teen, into high school and they include Kaden, Betsy and Leslie. I’ve talked to all of them  – actually talked on the phone! – over the last several weeks and it was Leslie who said, “You seem to have trouble finishing things.”

To be clear, all three of these spectacular women know me very, very well, and they’re always saying stuff that makes me pause, or in this case, recoil. Leslie is… simply… right on and rock solid. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t shocked to hear it so bluntly. She knows me, as Kaden and Betsy do, but from a different perspective, although I’m sure both Kaden and Betsy would say I procrastinate and have trouble finishing things. In fact, I’m sure of it. Also, as if to put a final stamp on it, I told my mother what Leslie said and there’s no other way to say this: she guffawed. LOL, she did! Yeah, I *may* have a little trouble with finishing things.

(Says she who has three unfinished novels, one just-begun self-help book, 600 diets started but none completed to goal weight, $0 in a savings account, etc. etc. etc.)

So goes my Year of Water.

Am I drinking more? Absolutely YES. Am I nurturing myself more with water (views and baths, for example)? Again, absolutely YES. Did I fill that (heretofore empty) water carafe to take a photo for this blog post? YES. (Yikes, recoil, again.)

I told you (in the same post I linked above) about a series of classes I’m taking called Aqualead. The final class is in April, and after that, I will be a “Master” and at that time, will share more about that. The point is, I’ve shown up and taken it seriously, which is a step in the right direction.

What I haven’t done is be consistent, which seems to be my undoing. <<< I just realized this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo true in all my endeavors. What happens is I just fizzle out and of course, as has been said, don’t finish.

Did you hear that, Sher? Yes, yes, I hear myself. I hear myself. I just explained why I don’t finish stuff. Thanks weird voice in my head. 

Also, I should, as Kaden would say, cut myself some slack. I’m being way too hard on myself.

Did I just hear my mother laugh? Yes, and Betsy, Leslie and Kaden, too. It sounds like a cacophony.

Maybe I should have called this my Year of Laughter? There’s always next year. 🙂



  1. I’ve got to tell you… I was laughing through this entire entry!!! OMG! You are hilarious!
    I’m so happy to hear that Aqualead is helping you. I drink water more than a fish does, but that’s beside the point. It’s so much healthier than drinking soda, juice, and even milk. It’s a hell of a lot better than drinking alcohol too. (this coming from a former drinker).
    You should be very proud of yourself for sticking to this plan!!
    You go, girlfriend!!! 🤗

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