The Joys of Much Too Much – Can’t argue with that!

Does anyone else see the humor of The Joys of Much Too Much  being written by someone named “Fuller”? Bonnie Fuller, to be exact.

This was another of my thrift shop buys. Therefore, it has an inscription to Stephanie, with love from Mom: All dreams can come true. So dream BIG! I know they’ll happen for you. 

As I so often do with books like this, my throat caught a little when I read it. I wonder what made Stephanie part with it? Does she realize that Mom believed in her dreams when (possibly) others did not? Did she casually toss the book in a box, not caring that one day, Mom will be gone? Did she save other books or cards written in Mom’s hand?

But there is a more sinister, underlying thought: Could it be that this book is simply a slice of potty? Ah, yes, begs the question, doesn’t it?

To be honest, it doesn’t look like Steph (we’re on an abbreviated name basis, she and I) even cracked it open. I found a bar code on page 168, like a sticker, and some of the pages were still together, like they’d never been cracked open. Also, there’s a black line on the bottom, which says to me that it came from a box sale at Book Depot. Maybe Mom ran across it and thought, yes, this would be perfect for Stephanie?

(Side note: I’m so mad at Stephanie right now!)

Anyway. I liked the premise of it… which is this:

Never mind all that crap about living below your means and being careful about stuff.


Hot damn!

Had I turned the book over, I might have thrown it across the store like a hot potato. The first “Praise for The Joys of Much Too Much” is written (back in 2007) by none-other than our current White House resident:

Bonnie has the right attitude for an abundant life; she thinks big. Even better, she lives big. The Joys of Much Too Much is big on good advice, and my advice is to read it, study it, and learn. Donald J. Trump

This might be a ringing endorsement for some. For me, less-so, though I admit the words are kinder (and more grammatically correct) than I’ve seen flow from his “pen” in a good, long while. But I digress.

There are other praises on the back, the front and inside. Also, Stephanie’s mom, well, you know.

But seriously, folks…

If you’re tired of living your life little… this book may be the nudge that helps you live it big.

It’s super easy to read, with larger print, a conversational style and short paragraphs surrounded by bolded headlines and bullet points. Fuller’s no-nonsense approach is “in your face”… and I kinda like it. But maybe you need to know that along with my very left-leaning empathy resides a … oh, I hate to say it… right-leaning capitalist, which is why I vote Independent. But again, I digress, except to say, I’ve been known to read a book or two by Lee Iacocca and/or about the Reagan’s. I know, I’m an enigma wrapped in a cinnamon-sugar tortilla, deep-friend with a scoop of ice cream. But enough about my tastiness.

Fuller talks about everything from job interviews to handling marriage and children… and then “silencing your inner naysayer,” to living “the full life, at any age.” And if there’s a mantra in all this (and there is!) it is this:

The life of much too much is one that opens all paths and leaves you with the freedom to be the person you were born to be, in every way.

You know, it’s pretty hard to argue with that, isn’t it? My guess is that you’ll love it or hate it. Helpful, ain’t I?

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  1. Reblogged this on The Self-Help Whisperer® and commented:

    September 22, 2021

    Ah yes, another reblog of another book that went by way of the Dodo bird, and by this I mean: Has gone extinct in my book collection, and by that I mean: I got rid of it in one of my infamous purges.

    Interesting. I’ve said that about the last two reblogs, which says to me that sometime in mid-to-late 2019, I donated a dandy bunch o’ books to my fave thrift store.

    I suspect I’d realized I couldn’t possibly fit all the books I have into the shelves I have… and therefore…. a cull was in order.

    I wonder why certain books stayed, while others went bye-bye? Now, see, if I could figure that one out, I’d have a collection of books that include a few I’ve reblogged about recently… instead of lamenting the fact that they’re long-gone. Stephanie, I hardly knew ye! <<< You'll understand when you read the post. LOL


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