Ten Days to Self-Esteem – The water’s fine!

There’s a reason I haven’t written about Ten Days to Self-Esteem by David D. Burns, M.D. and a handful of other “workbooks”…

I start them but don’t finish any of ’em.

(Haha. I know, I just wrote about that.)

This book, though, is one of the best of the genre! I don’t want to let my procrastination (er, inability to deal with the “entirety” of my issues) keep you from dealing with yours.

Heck, within the first ten pages of chapter one, there’s a Depression Checklist, Anxiety Inventory, Relationship Satisfaction Scale and this pesky contract thingy where you have to check a box and promise you’ll do the exercises, which I always sign with the best of intentions!

And, as if to tease me, there’s “Fifteen GOOD reasons for NOT doing the self-help exercises” of which I checked 14 and double-checked number 8, which read: I don’t like being bossed around or told what to do.

And so goes this fabulous book!

The Ten Steps are these:

  1. The price of happiness
  2. You FEEL the way you THINK
  3. You can CHANGE the way you FEEL
  4. How to break out of a bad mood
  5. The acceptance paradox
  6. Getting down to root causes
  7. Self-esteem – What is it? How do I get it?
  8. The Perfectionist’s script for self-defeat
  9.  A prescription for procrastinators
  10. Practice, practice, practice!

And then there is a whole appendix of self-help forms and charts, additional resources and Training materials for Group Leaders.

I tell ya, this book is all kinds of excellent!

That said, I seem to have gotten stuck just prior to the chapter on procrastination. No surprise there. I didn’t even do the test.

Okay, hold on a moment…

So, I went and took the test and remembered why these kinds of books – even great ones  – drive me mad.

I went to transfer my numbers onto the scoring key, but didn’t understand what I was supposed to be doing. It looked like a word problem and you know me and da maths.


When I finally got ‘er done, I expected to turn the page and find the answers to all my procrastination problems.

Uh, not so fast there, Speedy. Now Burns wants you to use a new technique called the Procrastination Cost-Benefit Analysis.

The Procrasti-what-what? Does that sound like math? That sound like math, right?

No less than 10+ pages later, after the Devil’s Advocate Technique, the Tic-Toc Technique, Little Steps for Big Feats, a Planning sheet for all… oh, wait… there are answers for the questions you answered on page 231 on 236… and then!… how to beat procrastination, with assignments and supplementary reading.

Oh my God, someone get me an aspirin!

You see the problem, yes?

I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE stuff like this. Although, as I say, I rarely finished them to fruition, which let’s face it, doesn’t help a lot, right?

Yay, me! I ran the entire race! Well, not actually the whole race. I quit at the 3/4 point. Same thing, right?

Uh. No?

Don’t get me wrong, some books I was actually able to complete and my inky goodness is on page after page. I’m not a total flake! 

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump in! The water’s fine, if you like it brisk in temps and pace, ya know?

So, a resounding YES to this book but BE PREPARED. You’re gonna work your ass off for this one!


  1. Reblogged this on The Self-Help Whisperer® and commented:

    September 25, 2021

    Now, here we have the first of the timeframe that I didn’t purge. Although, it could be because I wrote in it. Let’s see. Hold on a sec.

    Dang! I forgot I can’t add proper links on reblogs. That-there is some spectacular elevator music. Nice and peppy!

    I’m back. And, nope, didn’t write in it. I’m surprised! I must have used a journal to keep track. But… yeah… I digress.

    This workbook really is a keeper! Especially if you USE IT! 🙂


  2. Oh, just give credit where it’s due & throw in a lot of original digre– ah, commentary. 🤣

    What, do they object to the publicity? Jesse, we need to loosen up, right?

    Huglies to you, sis

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  3. It’s a great idea, sharing the test and talking about them and stuff, but I suspect the authors would frown. After all, they want to sell the books! But I’m gonna think about it… see if there’s a way I can diversify. LOL


  4. Hey, I’ve got an idea– how ’bout discussing some of the better individual exercises in these workbooks you’ve come across over the years? I’d be fascinated!

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  5. The success of a relationship — any relationship, like the one with a book, for instance — is not necessarily directly proportional to its duration.

    Me, I’d be kind of encouraged if self-help books started to bore the bejeezus out of me. I’d dare to start thinking maybe I already dome bin mostly helped, you know?

    I know, though — that’d mean a change of blog niche for you. Hmmm, hmmmm… what would we same readers like also? Digress, woman, digress! 🤣

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  6. If my memory serves me correctly, my brother Mark liked snd recommended this book to me for my Breast Buddy Program. 💫

    Elizabeth (“Betsy”) Mullen http://www.TeamSuperMarrow.org Watch us on Binge Networks.TV! Team SuperMarrow & Friends Please register to be a stem cell/bone marrow donor at: join.bethematch.org/RAAM


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