The One Plan – Not for the fainthearted!

The One Plan by Yogi Cameron Alborzian will surprise you in a few ways.

  1. Ever heard of a yogic therapist? Me, neither! Cameron Alborzian IS one!
  2. Ever heard of the ancient medical system of Ayurveda? Me, neither! Alborzian uses it!
  3. Ever seen a perfectly chiseled yogi? Me, neither! It’s this guy! ↓↓↓↓↓

The One Plan is a week-by-week program that takes an entire year, which is why I (of course) didn’t finish it.

I should have.

In fact, the more I go through my books and reread and study them, the more I realize I have a handful that are “must-have’s” and the rest could… kinda… just go away.

This is a keeper!

A book with “The One” in the title may appear to think a bit too highly of itself. I mean, “One-anything” usually turns me right off! Still, I was attracted to the calm blues and greens on the cover and the Sanskrit symbol. I didn’t know what it meant, mind you, but I liked it.

Oh, I had to do my research here, folks, and I’ve found out that the symbol represents the four states of consciousness. Not a great photo but you can see the meaning here:


And then, of course, there was the Yogi’s photo, which invites you in. Okay, we *want* him to invite us in, cuz, yeah, he’s a good-lookin’ guy! Ahem. I digress. (Exit, stage left!)

The book is very good… let me just say that first. VERY good. There are some things, though, that you might find… more than difficult. I think it depends on what you hope to accomplish and how seriously you will take the Yogi’s advice.

Maybe I should begin with the premise of the book…

It is “A Spiritual Practice” that includes the ancient practices of Yoga and Ayureda, Patanjali and the Eightfold Path, none of which is easy or quick to explain, nor should I attempt it.

I would suggest you read Part I of the book (or at least follow the links I provided) which will help.

The book is better, as the practice is explained with the benefit of Alborzian’s experience, along with due respect. Plus, it gives you the time and attention needed to fully understand and appreciate it. Included is also a short history of Yoga, along with an explanation of what Alborzian hopes to help us accomplish, which is no less than complete self-realization. It is, after all, a year-long process.

The journey is broken into two-week intervals… and I love the subjects:

  1. Nonviolence
  2. Truthfulness
  3. Nonstealing
  4. Continence
  5. Nongreed
  6. Purity
  7. Contentment
  8. Austerity
  9. Self-Study
  10. Self-Surrender
  11. Postures
  12. Breath Control
  13. Sense Control
  14. Concentration

This is an in-depth dive… way down… and back up again, as you can see.

If this is the kind of thing that sounds interesting and you’re willing to devote a year… I wholeheartedly support you. I’m still not sure I could do it myself, so kudos to you, if you can!

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