Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Karen: Close to You

Several weeks ago, a typical day at the office turned into an opportunity to meet someone from my tribe. I love when that kind of stuff happens, don’t you?

Now, we could have had a work conversation followed by a fun conversation and that would have been that. Or we could have had the work, then fun conversation followed by a serious conversation and that would have been that. Or, we could have done what we did, which was have a continuing conversation about work, fun, and serious stuff and then I asked her if I could interview her for my blog.

I’ll be honest, it took a little bit of convincing. I mean, we’d just met! But honestly, I felt that intuition gut-punch that told me she was my next interview… how could she refuse?

Luckily for me, she didn’t refuse… turns out she felt the inkling. We were meant to meet!

So, as you realize by now, I don’t have a long history with Karen. We have not been friends for years, like Kaden and Penny. She didn’t change my life with a single question, like Lucy. She isn’t a death and dreaming expert like Dr. Josh, nor is she a self-care guru who happens to make spectacular waxes, like Michelle.

She is a sparkling light who grew in intensity the more she talked. She is deeply human and a lifelong learner. She loves self-help!

She is the kind of person who went home from our first meeting, checked out my blog, and came back the following week with cut-outs of some information she thought I’d find interesting (my featured photo today). How sweet is that?

Karen is a dear, joyful person who I immediately felt a kinship with… and I know you will, too.


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