Garden of Friendship – This makes me happy!

I remember the first time I shared with an artist friend about my love for the work of Thomas Kinkade. She said, “He’s dime-a-dozen! Commercial, simplistic and cliché. Just awful.”

“Oh,” I managed to choke out. “Sorry if I offended you,” I added.

And so ended my love affair with all-things Kinkade. That was about ten years ago.

The thing is, his work reminded me of my grandmother, who adored him. She gave greeting cards and puzzles with his beautiful scenes of light… he is called, “The Painter of Light,” after all.

I found the Garden of Friendship featuring the works of Thomas Kinkade in a Thrift Shop just this afternoon. It is a short volume, with quotes and photographs of his paintings.


I read: A false friend and a shadow attend only while the sun shines – Benjamin Franklin and Books and friends should be few but good. – Proverb.

Simple thoughts about friendship, along with simplistic paintings, as my former friend had said.

I stood in the store holding the book and wondering if I should spend $2 on it. What would I do with it? I could read it, of course, and admire the pictures. Was it enough that it would remind me of Nana, who was simple, in the most beautiful ways? And what was wrong with that?

Years ago, I saw this meme fly by on my FB timeline. And yes, I got churched by it!


I remember thinking of the times I have done this with others.

My late ex-husband was notorious for wearing pastel-colored, button-down dress shirts everywhere. He’d have me iron crispy creases or he’d iron them himself. He’d roll up the sleeves to be casual, wear a tie to be formal and even wear them unbuttoned to the beach! No word of a lie! He loved his dress shirts. Over the 20 years we were married, I gave him a really hard time about it. The thing is, he liked them. He thought they looked good on him and made him happy. Who was I to make him feel bad about that? Who gives a shit if he wanted to wear them everywhere? I mean, I did, but I shouldn’t have. What a waste of time, energy and more, since it certainly didn’t send a message of love.

When I found out my second husband not only loved punk music but played it, I vowed to never, ever give him a reason or need to defend it. Me? I’m eclectic in my music taste but punk isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse. Actually, I’m more of a everything-but punk person. Not keen on rap either, but in the case of both punk and rap, I respect from a distance.

When my husband asks me to listen to the music he’s made, I do, and sometimes like it strictly on its merits but usually, I appreciate it because my husband created it. For that, he has my utmost respect.

Slight diversion: Just like I don’t expect him to like everything I write but he always treats what I write like precious gold.

So, former friend who said that Thomas Kinkade was less of an artist because he’s gone commercial and the rest, go &%#@ yourself. This book reminds me of Nana and makes me happy.


  1. Reblogged this on The Self-Help Whisperer® and commented:

    October 18, 2021

    Up for reblog, a beautiful little book that reminded me of the small, simple pleasures, like looking at pretty pictures embued with light. It also reminded me of my precious grandmother, Nana.

    Did I keep it? No. After I wrote about it, I never picked it up again, so sent it on its way along to someone else who needs it.

    That’s the thing about my purges that I hadn’t thought of until this very moment!

    Let’s see if I can explain…

    Some of my books will stay with me forever, especially if they were given to me as gifts. The energy of the person who gave them is imprinted throughout the pages and for that reason alone, I will not part with them.

    And then there are books that I love, without any provenance or personal history attached… like… Ishmael… which I wrote about years ago. I found it in the college bookstore, read it, loved it to bits, told everyone about it. You know what? That’s not a good one to use because I SHOULD give it away so others can fall in love, as I did.

    *Think, think, think*

    Here goes my overthinking brain. LOL

    All I mean is… sometimes, I purge books and feel bad later because I wish I had it. But more times than not, I will never pick them up again. In those instances, I need to remember that keeping scads of books I’ll never read again is just … kinda … selfish.

    Books should be shared, don’t you think?

    Anyhow, I sent this one on its merry way. I hope whoever has it is enjoying it as much as I did.

    PS: I miss Nana something-fierce! 💕


  2. There are always people who tell us that what appeals to the heart is sophomoric. If you look on their walls, what you generally find is some sort of total ugliness with the right name and price tag to one-up their equally feelingless friends. Thomas Kinkaide was a genius, and brought a lot of magic back into a lot of lives.

    I’m reblogging this to my readers at sister site Timeless Wisdoms

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