Interview – “KDP”: Kinship and a little bit of mystery

You first met “KDP” in my teaser here, though her name was Karen, which it still is, but she prefers KDP. Phew!

The one thing that stands out immediately (and I think you’ll agree after reading the paragraph above) is an air of mystery… and that’s something that’s been woefully missing from my own life, as evidenced by… uh… this entire blog.

LOL. Ahem!

I laugh, but it also reminds me to keep some things to myself, because everyone needs a bit of “self” that belongs just to them.

This interview reminds me that we ALL have a story and gifts to share. Even if you think not! K was a little perplexed when I asked her to be an interview for my blog. She wondered what she had to offer… and so, I told her. She is sweet and humble but her aura gives her away! It is bright and fills a room. She takes care of what’s needed and still finds time to “give herself away” volunteering. She’s smart and funny. All this was obvious to me within the first 20 minutes after she walked into our office.

I’ve been looking forward to reading K’s answers to my questions and hope you find them as sweet and inspiring as I do!

So, let’s have a short visit with KDP. Grab a warm, fuzzy blanket, a cup of tea and a desire to learn about a fellow-human who is adorable, wise and wonderful.

When I met you, I would have guessed that you’re at least ten years younger than you actually are. What keeps you young at heart?

What keeps me young at heart is continuous growth. I rely on my faith to keep me grounded and my dreams to solve problems. For me, prayer is the essential ingredient. Open mindedness is a gift I cherish and love and is all I need. Smiling, laughing, experiencing true joy, as well as; sadness, loss and disappointment are what shape me. I choose to be balanced and face my fears. I work with children; and there is no better way to feel young than through the eyes and experiences of a child.

How does volunteering feed your soul?

Volunteering feeds my soul by giving me a purpose. It blesses me with new friendships and insight into the circumstances of others. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, and by saying, “Yes”; to those in need; brightens my journey. Volunteering makes it crystal clear why I should never judge another person. The most profound gift I have received by volunteering; is the awesome power of the listening heart. This skill alone has been so valuable to me; because, it has given me discipline; and it has changed my life.

How do you unwind?

There are many things I do to unwind. Depending on the day or time of year; you will find me, exploring, gardening, listening to music, singing, meditating, reading, napping, walking, going to the theatre (plays, musicals and concerts), travelling, going to craft shows and fairs, exercising and laughing. Any of these things bring happiness and relaxation at any given time.

What are your favourite books?

My favourite books are non-fiction. I’m a creative thinker and an idea person. My hobbies are Graphoanalysis (analyzing handwriting) and cursive handwriting, genealogy, and reading and organizing things that are of interest to me. Books that cover these topics are very enjoyable. I like to go to workshops and seminars, really any place of learning in general. Often books can be purchased afterwards and they are informative and interesting. When I hear or see things two or three times in a very short time span, I feel there is a message for me and I check it out. Ultimately, it is something I have been seeking, searching for, or something I need to know.

How do you see the remainder of 2019 unfolding for you?

Well, exercise is high on my priority list and will continue unfolding for the remainder of 2019. I plan to send a lot of time outdoors. I will be travelling overseas to Europe and afterwards partaking in many outings throughout 2019. My volunteer work will be a priority, just as my family comes first. I will be working with children in different capacities, always keeping in mind their vulnerability, innocence, openness, flexibility, playfulness and curiosity, and let my actions speak louder than my words, never forgetting the child part of myself.

I’m looking forward to new insights and interests, learning opportunities throughout the year. Meeting new people, experiencing new things and getting to know myself better (a process that takes a lifetime). I am excited about making my own choices and decisions and continuing to create the life I want. I feel empowered by my freedom. I am most definitely aware that my thought patterns can create limitations and obstacles for me, however; as I grow; using my objectivity, my goal is to be a light for others. Prayer is a daily opportunity for me to always be hopeful, show kindness and never give up.


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