The Tapping Solution – The final chapter and boy, oh boy, I have so much to tell you!

To begin… I’ve talked about this before… HERE.

Next, I will be going back and forth between Nick’s and Jessica’s books:

  1.  The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner
  2. The Tapping Solution to Create Lasting Change by Jessica Ortner

Recap of my history with “Tapping” (also known by EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques).

I’d heard of it years ago but it looked silly so I dismissed it. Being truthful here, as always. Two sychronistic things happened:

  1. I found Nick Ortner’s book in a thrift store. Always on the hunt for any/all self-help, I bought it.
  2. My mother joined an online seminar that we both wanted to attend. I could not because of other commitments but she took it. Tapping was reintroduced to her (though in truth, she’d always been interested and had never been UN-introduced.)

Mom was delighted with all she experienced and as people who are excited do, she told me about it. She said I *must* get the book by Nick Ortner on Tapping. Funny, I had just bought a book on tapping, hadn’t I? I ran to get it (walked carefully) and read the title and author out loud to her.

“That’s it!” she cried.

And so, it began.

For me, not as much. I hit walls all over the place. I started and stopped – mostly stopped.

And now you’re up to date.

What broke through the wall? Jessica’s book!

Then came the app and Facebook.

Both Nick and Jessica are experts. Both of them know exactly what they’re talking about. But just take a look at Nick and Jessica’s books, side-by-side.



One looks light and breezy and the other looks well, not exactly stormy but… important. In truth, they’re both excellent but for me to grasp what I needed, I responded more positively to Jessica’s first and then Nick’s.

So, to begin with the basics:

Graphic from

“Tapping Quick Reference Guide”:

  1. Choose your Most Pressing Issue (MPI).
  2. Rate your MPI using 0-to-10.
  3. Craft a setup statement, using your MPI to fill in the blank: “Even though______________, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
  4. Speak your setup statement three times while tapping on the karate chop point.
  5. Tap through the eight points in the EFT sequence while saying your reminder phrase out loud. Tap five to seven times at each point, starting with the eyebrow and finishing at the top of the head.
  6. Take a deep breath. 
  7. Rate the intensity of your MPI using the 0-to-10 scale. 
  8. Repeat, or move on to a different MPI.

 (Also available online here, along with a demonstration here.)

I find that for me, getting to “the bottom” of my issues is something that will take time. So guess what? I’m not actively trying to do that at first. I’m staying above the water and tapping on issues I encounter daily.

I DO PLAN on diving deep but not before I’m ready… because I know from experience, I will move away (as swiftly as I’m able) from that which I am not ready to see and/or accept.

This may seem counterproductive but in my short experience, it is the opposite. In fact, as an article my mother shared with me explains, sometimes it is best NOT to open a door. And yes, I’ll be sharing about that specifically very soon.

Bottom line, sometimes “Seeking Closure” is very bad (indeed!) for your mental health.

So, I am slowly (but surely) moving forward with Tapping and experiencing small (and larger) victories. There is a science behind this silly looking exercise.

Some take-aways from Jessica’s book:

  • Future-Tripping = When we stay stuck because we’re trying to solve problems that don’t yet exist, we’re magnifying our fear of the unknown rather than releasing it. (pg 45)
  • If just saying something elicits an immediate or uncontrollable physical response, like tearing up, gaping, or something similar, you know you’ve gotten to the core limiting belief. Those physical reactions to triggers are signs that you’ve gotten clarity on what’s really holding you back. (pg 120)
  • Re: Procrastination: One hallmark of setting the bar too high is that there’s a time limit on whatever peak-intensity circumstances we’re facing. Once those circumstances ease, we’re able to resume incremental progress at a reasonable pace. (pg 145)

Jessica’s book offers large sections on self-care, sacred spaces and weight issues, too. Like I said, breezy, fun and really personal. A conversation between friends.

If Tapping sounds interesting to you, please check out the videos on YouTube. Just start there! And if you’re not big on taking notes, pick a book, either book! 🙂

You’ll find that Jessica is a super meditation facilitator and Nick is an amazing speaker and writer. Whichever way you go, you’ll find everything you need to begin this practice, which I believe will ultimately change my life. Yeah, I’m a work in progress. What can I say?



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