Bio Moment – Step one: Hair

The other day, I told you about my new beginning. Today, I took the first step! This is me without gray hair! New cut, new color!

I have to tell you about the visit, though! Because it – in itself – was kind of amazing!

To begin, I was driving home after cashing my paycheck and wondering if I had the guts to get my hair colored. You may remember I went gray for good a few years ago. Also, I was gearing myself up for a pixie haircut, knowing this lacy mess on my head would need to go.

I went back and forth – in my head, you know – wondering if I shouldn’t just go and buy a box of hair dye and going to Fantastic Whoever for a cut… or maybe even try to trim it myself (and yes, I’m serious).

But I kept remembering my husband saying, “You’re worth it!”

I’m worth it. I’m worth it.

I thought about all the hair studios around the town where I work and the city where I live. I thought of one guy who was really good but I stopped going to him years ago (literally, about ten years!) because he was way over on the other side of town. (Actually, though he is across town, I just couldn’t convince myself that I was worth the extra money it takes to go to an actual, real-live stylist who charges over $25 for a cut.)

I thought I remembered the name but wasn’t sure… and couldn’t remember the exact address but could remember the street. On that particular street, there are three hair studios. Ugh. What to do?

I just drove over. In true serendipitous fashion, he had just had a cancelation. He could take me right then, if I wanted.

Did I want?

Welp, no time like the present!

He sat me down and asked some questions about what I wanted. He studied my hair, my face, the whole enchilada, if bodies were enchiladas.

He said, “Something happened prior to eight months ago… were you sick? Then, about two months ago, you got better. You were ill and then got better.”

“Well,” I said, “Yes, but it’s actually been years of physical pain and grieving… and then about two months ago, I began to feel better. Why?”

“Your hair was falling out. Then, about two months ago, it began growing back in. You have lots of new growth.”

“That’s good news,” I said. And indeed, it is!

We looked at hair swatches and he explained why he believed the color we chose would be best. We talked about highlights but he seemed to think I’d be happy without them.

I asked, “Are you gonna have to chop my hair off? I mean, it’s okay if you do, but what do you think?”

He showed me how horribly my hair had been cut in the last several years. There were three distinct layers and they didn’t work together. My hair – which was bone straight for years – is now very wavy. He said I should never have to straighten it again if I have the right style and yes, he could help with that.

Of course he could! He’s not just a hairdresser, he’s a mystic, obviously. 🙂

I had stopped to look at myself in the mirror on my way in and almost took a picture. I now wish I would have because honestly, I’d love to see the comparison! I not only look younger, I look lighter!

Do I wish I would have done this earlier? No. I wasn’t ready to take care of myself then. I am now.

Step one complete with an appointment made for a touch-up in five weeks.

Onward to step two! Not sure what it is, but you’ll know when I do!


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