Easy like Sunday – No voice

I’m writing on my phone from bed, where I have been for almost three solid days. I will keep this short as I’m typing with one fat finger on a tiny, tiny keyboard.

I’d just like to say that when you are finally ready to “DO IT!”… as I did on Thursday… decide to change your life… sometimes the greatest block to change is yourself.

“Oh, so you’re ready to get better? Take this!”

And so, you find yourself on your ass (metaphorically and/or literally) and yeah, here I be.

Whenever I’m able, I’m getting back up and taking my new brown hair (step 1) for walks around the neighborhood after work, which is my step 2. You can’t stop me forever, hacking cough and no voice! As God is my witness!

See you soon, friends and readers, with new books and adventures.

Until then, step away! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone!

Which reminds me… I need to thank my husband, a prince among men, for stepping up and taking care of everything I usually do on the weekends after working a full week himself! I’m so lucky and blessed. Pray he doesn’t get this!!! ♥️♥️♥️


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