Honorable Mention – Depression The Comedy – It’s being released in the US TODAY!

Jessica Holmes is funny. And beautiful. Also, depressed, sometimes.

Does it make us regular ol’ depressees (seriously, no red underline? That can’t be a real word!) feel better to know that famous peeps get depressed?

Actually, yeah. A little.

Depression The Comedy grabbed me on the first page and I didn’t put it down for 100 pages. I finished it the next day.

It was poignant, amusing and sad. I found myself nodding my head. A lot. I felt, for her, for you, for me.

It also reminded me…

(No, that’s not the right word… then, what is?… another word for flicked me upside the head, Google?… oh!… gave me a little nudge?… not great, but better.)

It also gave me a nudge to look in the mirror. Because… there I was… in the pages of the book and also the one reading it.


I am depressed. Yeah, still.

See, okay… now I have to talk about myself for a mo…

My mom said it first. We were just blabbing away on the phone over the weekend, you know, like moms and daughters do… and she said, “I thought you sounded a little depressed when we talked that time,” which was about a week before.

(I tend to listen to my mom on these things because, as I’ve mentioned, she’s a therapist. She doesn’t therapist-me because… god, no!… and totally unethical… but she’s allowed to mention if I seem… well, depressed.)

Thing is, I thought I’d popped back from that last bout. Oh, dear, dear, unseeing Sher, so trusting, so naive. 

No, I had not popped back. In fact, I may have popped sideways.

Anyway. This book. Pretty cool how I got it just when I needed it most.

I often talk about old books but lately, I’ve been getting some newbies. I have two coming in the mail any day now, actually, and can’t wait to tell you about them. But yes, I do digress.

My husband said it next, by the way and to segue back into the subject of moi.

I’m having a difficult time right now, ladies and gents. But… not the point. *sigh*

Holmes’ book is a validating romp through depression. And she’s not shy about sharing her journey, which is mostly from one side of her blue sofa … to the other.

My favorite part? The whole thing.

By the by… she’s a comedian… if you’re not in Canada and don’t know who she is. Find out. She’s fabulous!

She says: tragedy + time = comedy.

Truth right there. Ain’t it just?

This book is a gem. I’m sure I’ll pick it up every so often to remind myself that I’m not alone. I hope you will, too!

Originally shared by me on this blog on July 10, 2018





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