Bio Moment – Welp, I *still* have no voice!

*First, Mom took a bit of a tumble yesterday. She has a nasty black eye (Dad says she looks like a pirate with a patch!) and a substantial knock on the head. Also, she gave her already-injured knee a good twist and thump on the pavement. Paramedics were called, so I know she’s been looked after. Dad’s taking his turn as caretaker. I’m so thankful (and happy) they have each other. Remember, I’m 60 so you know that makes them… older. Prayers, good thoughts and/or healing juju for both of them, please! 

**We thought it was kinda funny that Mom is see no evil, Dad is hear no evil and I am speak no evil. Yeah, we’re weird that way.


Anyway… back to my post.

Still, no voice. Dr. said I wouldn’t be able to talk until tomorrow, at the earliest. Man, it’s been almost a whole week! Me + not talking = difficult.

It’s funny, but not.

I guess God (Universe/ Spirit/ Paper bag – depending on your belief system – I go with God) wanted me to shut up and listen. That, I have been doing!

I could write a whole bunch about this topic because, as you know, I believe things happen for a reason. What is the reason for this? Like I say, I’ve had nothng but tme to think about it all and have some ideas I’d like to share with you… just not today.

It may seem easy enough to get up and write… I mean, it’s not like my fingers are broken! Yeah, well… not so fast! I feel like the dog’s dinner. After it’s been eaten and regurgitated.

I’m spending most days in bed – and I mean literally. Much of it asleep. Ugh. Nobody but my husband has seen my new hair!! LOL

I’ve gotten up to brush teeth, wash bod, change from one pair of jammies to the next and one day, I got all crazy-sauce and changed the sheets, which (to be truthful) was mostly for the benefit of my husband. TMI? Sorry.

So, after today, you’ll be seeing “Remember this one?” posts (if I can get to the computer) until I can sit up for at least an hour and type my little heart out.

Until then, wish me well.


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