Bio Moment – Double Stick Purple Popsicles

Thank you all for your good thoughts and patience as I’ve tried to get over this nasty bug.

Honest to God – worst bug ever! It’s been exactly three weeks since my throat was scratchy and there was a solid ten days in the middle where I had no voice at all. Because of that no voice thingy, which was actually caused by an inflamed larynx and pharynx, I was told to eat popsicles, which I did for days and days. Then I felt better, so I stopped.

Big mistake.

Today is my grandson’s 5th birthday. He lives way over in California and normally, I am there for the big day and then the Mother’s Day that follows. This year was different, which as it turns out, was a good thing. Originally, I was postponing the trip at my daughter’s request because they were smack in the middle of moving. Then, she fell and broke her leg in a spectacular way, which required surgery with pins and a plate. Then, as it turned out, I was sick. Really sick. Still sick. Boring, I know. Not the point anyway.

I called my daughter and grandson on video chat this morning and he was being his adorable self, only more so. When he was a really little guy, I’d kiss his forehead through the screen. “MWA!” I’d say as he put his head on the screen. Sometimes, I’d do that squeaky, kissy sound. You know the one. He loved it! When he was old enough to reciprocate, he did the same for me. I loved it! We loved it! It’s “our thing”!

Today, we were kissing fools and laughing and laughing. That’s when my throat kinda closed.

I had to get off the phone rather abruptly because I was gagging (literally) and barely able to speak. While my nose and chest have cleared, my larynx and pharynx must not be up to snuff. Ugh.

Then I remembered my husband bought a new box of popsicles last week. He was excited because he’d found the old-fashioned ones with two sticks! Yes, he’s pretty adorable himself!

So, I sat back quietly and ate a grape one.


Yeah, I feel better… both physically and emotionally. I hope to be back tomorrow with something pithy and wonderful. Until then, just enjoying the journey down Memory Lane.



  1. I had this same virus for the past month and a half. Settled in my throat/voicebox/larynx for a good few weeks. Still dealing with the lingering cough, 7 weeks later!

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