Easy like Sunday – Mother’s Day, 2019

You have (perhaps) grown weary of me mentioning my mother? She is, after all, very much present in many of my posts. There are many reasons for this: She is Dr. Mom – a therapist, a wise woman, learned voice, my champion and muse.

If she is like her mother, we will have years yet to go. But nothing is promised and by that, I mean, life can change in an instant. I know this only too well.

My mother has been through life’s wringer, for sure. Her life before I came along is not my story to tell but I will say that I understand and respect her journey in ways that I couldn’t understand before.

Her life since I came along hasn’t been easy, either. I wasn’t always helpful in that regard, though I cut myself some slack because I was young and didn’t understand how wounding works. I lashed out in my pain and didn’t consider what I was inflicting.

Mom is a cancer survivor, though she dislikes that moniker. The cancer was never “hers” to carry. It was a monster that needed slaying… and that’s what she did… on her own terms.

She is a lifelong student. She went through college and universities by decades, straight through to her Ph.D. in her… was it 50s or 60s? I can’t remember! She’s now — uh, 80 (sorry, Mom) — and completes classes online. OMG, this is what I love so much about her!! Never stop learning. That’s my mantra, too!

She surrounds herself with beautiful books, art and music. Big or small, east coast or west coast, her homes have been an oasis of the soul.

Her (our) story isn’t over yet. And for that, I am grateful!

Two Old Souls – By me, for my mother

Two old souls, knew each other when

Choices were made about where to begin.

One held a heart, beating in time

The other, a cord, pulsing like rhyme. 

The ebb and flow soon became one giant cry

The heavens and earth joined in with a sigh.

“I knew you would come,” said one to the other

“I knew you’d be here,” I said to my mother.

© Sheryl Nelsen Hutton 2019


  1. I’ve read this post (and especially your poem) over and over again, and my response each time is tears – it is so deeply moving. I feel blessed to be your mother, and am so very proud of all you’ve done and become. Like you, I treasure our friendship and the closeness that has grown between us through the years. Many blessing to you this Mother’s Day, my lovely daughter!

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