Easy like Sunday – Backasswards

Lest you think I’m cheating, this is actually Sunday, but I will be sharing on Monday. Yeah, I’m a bit curfuffled right now.  I feel a little like that daredevil in my featured photo! Sorta get where I’m headed but not exactly sure how I got *here*! Better keep going, though!!

You see… since I got sick – a month ago today – I haven’t been myself. I can safely say this is the sickest I’ve been for as long as I can remember. I mean, from something you just catch. You know, out there among the masses. Flu shot or not (and I did get one) it didn’t matter… not for me… and not for my husband, who is sick on the couch as I write this. He got a different kind (Ew, stomach and dizzy). Or maybe it’s just hit us each differently. Who knows? Also, I’m still not totally over this wicked thing I had, which is par for the course, from what I’ve heard. One woman said it’s been six weeks for her! Bodies. Such interesting vessels.


The post I put up earlier today was supposed to go up Saturday but I didn’t get online so it went up today. I can post forward but not backwards, which is why I’m writing this on Sunday and posting tomorrow, on Monday.


Just thought I’d catch you up on the haps in my world and as always, I hope it sparks something interesting in yours. I say that for a specific reason… because I read this article on blog writing (always a student!) and it said if you’re always writing about yourself, it isn’t for others, it’s for you. Okay, that makes sense but… but… I always hope that when I’m writing about myself, it (well, it’s been said) sparks something in your life. I’ve been told it does fairly often…  or makes you think… or sometimes, just entertains. I’m cool with that. You?

Now where was I?

This coming week is my last at the sales job. It’s gonna be a brutal week, too, because the bosses are on holiday and I’m opening and closing – so mostly very full days. I’m being careful (not talking when I don’t have to, for example) since I still feel a bit cruddy (as mentioned, uh, up there^^^). It’s difficult when I’m the only one there. LOL Also, this darned weather hasn’t exactly been cooperative. It’s been very cool in the mornings, which makes it cold in the office, especially where my desk is. I’ve talked about this in the past and don’t want to linger. It’s part of the reason I’m leaving, actually. Not the entire reason – at all. More on that in a moment.

So, what’s next? I have some ideas and will share them when I figure it out. It’s the Step two after the Step one post I wrote the day before I got sick.

It’s funny how one day, I just realized I could not sell anymore. At least, not like that. It’s print advertising. I still TOTALLY believe in print (duh, books! LOL) but selling into newspapers and magazines? Just not what I want to be doing anymore.

Addendum: All of life is about selling though… have you noticed that? You sell yourself, surely! You sell your ideas. If you have a blog, you sell it, too. So, knowing how to sell is key no matter what you’re doing. I know this! I hope to use my talents in ways that benefit the things in life that matter to me. Like animals, the environment, people with disabilities, self-help: this blog.

I will end with some photos you may not have seen unless you’ve popped on over to my Instagram. If you get the chance, c’mon over and enjoy the scenery where I live. If not, that’s cool too. I can’t help myself… gotta share some of it here, too! It helps me heal! Hope it makes you feel good, too!


  1. PS If it helps, they’re calling it the Ascension Flu, and I’ve got it too. Right now some of us are mirroring planetary gridwork adjustments by barely being able to operate any joint lower than the waist. The combination’s a KILLER! 😋

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