Bio Moment – 2 weeks notice

I should say it’s the last day of work at work. The last day of work at home? Not by a long shot!

You see, my husband is very, very sick, which may come as no surprise since I was very, very sick last month. However, he got a different virus with very different symptoms. He has something called, “Hand-foot-and-mouth disease” which I’d never heard of! I’ve never seen anything so icky looking! And scary! Whatever you do, don’t look up rash, fever and flu-like symptoms on Google. Well, I’ve gone this far so let me say we believed he had meningitis. The hypochondriac (me) was not amused.

He not only felt sick as a dog he had the hideous rash (still does). And it’s VERY contagious, so I’ve had to do absolutely everything around the house, with an extra load (or seven) of wash, since he’s had fevers and sleeping on the couch (which by the way was super nice of him. I said he could use the bed and I’d sleep on the couch but he wouldn’t hear of it!)

In the meantime, I have been trying to recover fully from the virus I had while also working twice the hours I normally do. Or did, since today was my last day.

So, time for another adventure but not before healing myself. My voice is still a bit weak-ish. I need to be careful! But I digress.

First thing I did when I got home? Sent my husband to the shower while I changed the sheets on “his bed”.

PHEW!! I”m beat!!

So, I actually resigned while I was ill (several weeks ago) but to give “2 weeks notice” I agreed to work while the bosses went on their first holiday in years. This gave me the opportunity to tie up some loose ends and say goodbye to my co-workers, at least, and I’m so glad I did!

I had a fantastic time helping to keep the office humming and also, getting to know a young guy I’ve been working with for months but hardly knew. He never spent much time in the office before but has been since I was sick (he’s taking my place) so this gave us the opportunity to chat. OH MY GOSH, what an interesting, intelligent, well-rounded and neat person he is! I’ll call him T, cuz he’s kinda a private person.

Oh, and!!!!! I had one of my empathic nudges. See, he was talking and as I watched him, I thought, “He reminds me of me. I bet our birthdays are in the same month!”

Aside: The last time I did this with someone, it turned out his birthday was one day away from mine. Cool, huh?

Anywho, I stopped T mid-sentence and said, “When’s your birthday?” He answered and I about fell on the floor. Same exact month and day as mine, only 35 years later! Love it!

So, talks with T, saying goodbye to my other co-workers and doing a solid for the bosses, who actually got engaged on this trip… wonderful and yeah, kinda important!

Back to my regularly scheduled blog posts next week and then I’ll be deciding what I want to do to make money in this third act of my life.

Here’s what I know for sure: I don’t want to be near newsprint, ink, or a telephone that I have to pick up and sell, sell, sell by calling people I don’t know and who don’t know me. Also, emails. You get my drift.

A note to the wise: Selling is mandatory in life. You sell yourself if nothing else. Good thing I know the ropes. Handy skill out there, no matter what we choose to do. 

And now I have to run and put the sheets in the dryer. A sick husband’s work is never done. But he’s worth it. 🙂


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