Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Lorrie: A monstrously good guy!

I first met Lorrie on October 30, 2015. I know this because we have proof! That day, for Halloween, we were involved in an anti-bullying campaign that was filmed by our friend Peter Sacco (Hi Peter!) and it even ran on our local television station. I know, right!?

The featured photo is one of the backdrops and the photo below that links to “Bullying is for the Birds” is the cast. Lorrie is there, as is Peter, and my husband … and yep, I’m there, too. I know you can’t tell who is who and that’s okay – for now. Have fun watching it!

I’ve chosen to interview Lorrie because of what I’ve witnessed over the last several years.

He clearly loves life! He never talks in public about the people who have hurt him or let him down. He is positively positive!

Online and in person, he talks about how lucky he is to be a partner with his wife, Carol.  He is the first one to share her successes – and there are many!

His day job is in sales and he’s wise, intelligent and savvy enough to know that selling YOURSELF is King in his business and in life.

He laughs at himself – I mean, seriously, see above (we all had a blast!) – and at the same time, he has a heart for people, especially the marginalized.

Family and friends are everything and sometimes, they seem to intertwine! Everyone is his brother and/or sister. He’s an all-inclusive guy that way!

He is also very wise and a walking / talking example of self-care. He seems to know intuitively when it’s time to jump in with both feet … or … time to leave with his head held high.

He has dignity.

I told you from the beginning that my interviews would be my personal choices for all different reasons and this is certainly no exception. I’ve actually already picked out the next three… each as different as night and day… except for one thing all my interviewee’s share:


There’s not one among them that doesn’t have a heart for people, animals and/or the environment.

Lorrie’s heart is for people first, as is probably obvious by all I’ve said.

And I know you’ll find him fascinating, as I do.

So, stay tuned for Lorrie’s interview, which will be coming up soon.

In the meantime, I’ll let you know that Lorrie is the big green guy in the middle.

I am the most unrecognizable… unless you count the orthopedic socks. Some things never change. LOL

And PS: I wrote the sign my husband is holding. He’s cute under the mask but you already knew that. 🙂




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