Art as Self-Help – Whatever makes your heart sing!

I sat on my big comfy chair in my sitting room, next to an open window with a warm breeze ruffling my hair, and I thought about what I would write about today. I couldn’t decide and so I watched an episode of Ghost Whisperer, which as you know, is a favorite of mine. It was so familiar, and I was so comfy, that I nearly fell asleep. Ah, bliss!

After, I pulled out my journal to write and as I lifted my head, saw our big, black cat Bette walking away. If you’re a cat lover like me, you know that this end of a cat is absolutely adorable… and so, I decided to draw her. The result is my featured photo. High art? No. Precious, yes.

It made me think of all the way art lifts me… and not just when I’m sad, depressed or anxious — though it surely does help! It’s also wonderful on warm and lovely days like today when my husband is home on holidays and I am not currently working and the sun is shining and we’ve got nothing specific on the schedule! Yes, a run-on sentence, no, I don’t care. Ha!

So, I went in search of some art I’ve appreciated recently… and I present it to you to enjoy today.

I’d love to hear what makes your heart sing… so feel free to share in the comments. Or not. Never any pressure. You may simply enjoy what I’m sharing on go along on your merry way. Either way, I hope your day is fantastic!

Let me begin with the obvious… an art gallery where even the door is spectacular!


And then there are the surprises like this unexpected gallery on the wall in a used book store…


I have so much art created by my children… like, an entire chest under the stairs. They’re not keen on having their first-grade drawings shared, I know, but I know they’ll be okay with these…


The painting was a Christmas present and the drawing was a part of a beautiful journal, presented to me on my 50th birthday…

My son (who is autistic) writes poetry and wants to publish a book one day, so I’ll share just a peek at his art…


My parents were so always SO great at making sure we had art in our lives. We visited museums and galleries often and they created art, too. Take a look at these lovely offerings by my incredibly talented parents…


And the handiwork of my beloved grandmothers (both of them)…


Along with some of my talented friends…


Then there are the places I notice as I go along in my day… that perhaps nobody else would appreciate as artistic expression, but I do!


And then, there are the views I have been capturing for years.


I’m so pleased I have a place to put them all now. That’s what my “Photography as Self-Help” (aka my Instagram) is all about! Come visit if you’d like to see my daily photos of places and spaces around my home base. 🙂

And finally, there are the sacred corners and places … like the shrine area and basket that my children created for the ashes of their father…


Art , no matter what kind you DO, or NOTICE, or ENJOY… is truly Sacred – at least in my opinion – and OH, SO HEALING.

Don’t forget to notice the beauty around you! And if you can, capture it! 


  1. Oh, this stuff is going to make such perfect reference material for our Foundation’s inquirers — its mission is all about relational enablement via the fine arts, and your works are top o’ list material in the “Relation to Self” category… (rubbing virtual hands together and cackling wildly)… 😚

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