Marianne Williamson – It will take a miracle!

Once upon a time, there was an author whose work on love and inner peace was built around a book that I haven’t yet discussed – A Course in Miracles. I read that book years ago and could – of course – visit a library to get it again and talk about it. However, I want to own it in person and was waiting until I found it in my travels. Actually, I’m still waiting because, not surprisingly, nobody is giving it up and I get 99.99% of my books from thrift stores. I will have to spring for a new edition, I’m afraid. But I’m not working right now so … um… and this isn’t about me. Ahem.

A Course in Miracles is beloved by many… perhaps you? I have been asked to write about it by several kind readers… and I hope to! But I want to own it first. I hope you understand.

I will share this… just something I found while researching today:

The original author (Helen Schucman) sums up her work in this way:

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists. 

Herein lies the peace of God

I need to find that book!

And as you can plainly see, we haven’t yet mentioned Marianne Williamson, a prolific author, and speaker in her own right. Most of her work surrounds A Course in Miracles — and it’s excellent.

And then, seemingly out of the blue and amongst a gaggle of Democratic contenders, comes Marianne Williamson for President in 2020.

Love her as an author, speaker, and woman… but the first time I heard this, I remember thinking…


I mean, seriously!

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson was republished in 1996 and with it, a new foreword was written by the author.

“Undo it we must. From foreign wars to domestic catastrophes, our work is the work of casting fear from the world. We do this not only to serve ourselves but, most important, to serve our children. They shall inherit what we bequeath to them, and there is no greater gift to future generations than that we do the work God has asked us to do: love one another, that the world might be made right.”

It was written 20+ years ago… or was it yesterday? Am I right?

The Age of Miracles by Marianne Williamson was published ten years ago. Williamson seems older and wiser… like so many of us.

What we learn in midlife are the lessons we take into the final chapter of our lives. I love that she says we’re “going slower to go deeper, in order to go faster in the direction of urgently needed change in the world.”

We slow down to do more… sounds about right. Sounds about perfect.

Interspersed throughout the book are prayers and one in particular (pg 97 in my copy) touched me:

Dear God, 

Please melt

the wall in front of my heart.

Remove my fear

and restore my joy, 

that I might love again. 


A wall. Fear. Missing joy. Yeah, sounds a lot like 2019 doesn’t it?

I know this all sounds religious and in a way, of course, it is! But let me say this: at my age, I have come to realize (more and more with each passing year, in fact) that religion is NOT spirituality. And books like this are not religious, they’re spiritual. This is not the dogma of (what I call) Churchianity. It is instead one (good, strong, and deeply meaningful) answer to our collective souls cries for meaning. That’s my take anyway. To each his/her own.

As far as Willaimson running for Prez… she picked a rotten year to throw in her hat. Or maybe it’s the perfect year.

The world (and our country) certainly need more of what she brings to the table. I hope her voice is loud enough to be heard above the fray. But realistically, I doubt it.


  1. See what I mean about you? Truth after truth, all in a row. And so humbly and amusingly put, it all slides down just like — well, like your favorite thing! SUCH a perfect Veep for us. We’re spiritual but not religious too: all the foundation’s works are channeled, and it’s as you know a miracle — no, a series of miracles — that we’re here at all. But, so far we are! Headed to the library right now to print out the Sec’y of State’s required forms. Stand by, all handz! 😎

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