Your Inner Beauty – Ladies Night!

Your Inner Beauty by Jill Freeman & Larry J. Freeman is so ancient that Amazon doesn’t have a photo of it on their website. Well, that makes it sound like it was written in the Stone Age, which of course it wasn’t. However, the 1990s are certainly feeling like a long, long time ago. Yes?

This is one of those books I keep around because … oh, lots of reasons. I love the extensive contents set up in a simple, intuitive way… the larger size print… the photos and illustrations… and the quotes interspersed throughout.

And yes, this is a book for women, though men will find interesting info if they’re interested in things like how to prep for a good night’s sleep or mixing herbs for healing.

The Contents:

  • Beauty (inside/ out – what we have in common that makes us beautiful)
  • Sleep & Dream
  • Eating Well
  • Keeping Fit
  • Staying Healthy
  • Scent & Aromatherapy
  • Bath & Spa
  • Stress & Relaxation
  • Healing Touch
  • Skin & Makeup
  • Hair Care
  • Lifestyle Essentials
  • Beauty Shared (about giving and volunteerism)

See? Intuitively set up… just as you’d expect for this little gem. Well, it’s not so little, actually. My hardcover is a couple of hundred pages on quality paper. Very nice!

You may have noticed that my reading and sharing is a bit lighter than usual. I must admit it’s true.

It began with my “retirement” several weeks ago. I began … oh, what’s that darned buzz word again?… oh, yes… curating… my book collection and actually cleaned out a bunch that I’ve already written about.

Oh, what’s this? “Curated” is no longer a buzz word? Color me embarrassed.

I also found a duplicate book (how in the heck did that happen?) which was the subject of a recent contest.

Next, I separated what’s left into subject categories… IMG_3439

… and then, okay, alpha ordered by title so they’d be easy to find. OCD? A little. But not the point.

I’d forgotten about this book until I ran across it to put in my “special books” section. Going through it again this morning, I was reminded why I liked it so much in the first place.

So, it’s the season of pretty books, obviously. I just didn’t tell you about it until now.

Did I mention that I’m always on the lookout for Sanskrit to duplicate and create art around, like this? : IMG_3436

Finally, I’ll stick this little quasi-announcement at the bottom of this post. I’m about 80% finished with my first Young Adult (YA) Novel! When I’m finished and it’s on its way to a Publisher or two (to be yayed or nayed) you will be among the first to know!

So, I’m kinda loopy and need these peaceful, pretty, uplifting books right now. Also, as an added benefit, they help to keep my depression and anxiety at bay. Nothing like concentrating on the positives, ya know?

I hope you understand. Please tell me you understand.

Also, I reserve the right to get right back into a heavy-hitter tomorrow because I’m me. One never knows with… you know… me. But I digress.


  1. There, there, dear — I understand… that you’re just nutz… JOKE! That was a joke!…

    (“The Foundation for Poetic Justice, which just filed for incorporation less than twenty four hours ago, lost its board Veep today due to stoopit unfunny humor on the part of its Sec’y/Treasurer…”)

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