The Eagle and The Rose – Nice work if you can get it

The Eagle and The Rose by Rosemary Altea was a book I loved, loved, loved when I first read it, in 1995.

I was hungry for spiritual things – not Jesus things, but something different – having just left a fundamental Baptist church under a cloud of doubt, disgust and grief.

I was leaving a community I had grown to love and had given so much of my life to – for years! It’s a very long story (as most of mine are) but these kinds of stories – these cultish stories – are all too prevalent in fundamental churches these days.

Add a dash of sexual intrigue (a nasty preacher on the prowl for disciples; all in skirts) and a few marriages on the edges of collapse and you’ve got the makings of a psychological and spiritual thriller. But enough about that. Ugh.

I share this (about the church) to say that I was… um… ripe for the pickin’ when it came to spiritual matters that collided with my heretofore-mentioned “Churchianity“.

Enter Rosemary Altea and her remarkable true story of self-discovery as a healer and clairvoyant.

“The answers to my questions lie within. There is nothing I can ask that I do not, somewhere within the deep recesses of my soul, know the answer to.” ― Rosemary Altea

Who can argue with THAT? Not me!

The book was a NYT Bestseller. And, as I already said. I devoured it. Then it sat on my bookshelf with the likes of Sylvia Brown and James Van Praagh.

I pulled it off the shelf this morning and looked at it again. I did some research online, which, yeah, not good. Did you know, for example, that Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” premiere episode debunked her? I sure didn’t! Ugh.

The thing is, I completely believe that mediums and healers exist. Some may not even realize it’s what they’re doing. They just know stuff and go along on their merry way, being doctors or lawyers and/or mommies and daddies. Others know they have a gift and share it with very few. I know one of those people and actually, she’s my next interview. Shhhhh… it’s a secret. And there are those who show up to psychic fairs and make a little coin for their efforts.

I also believe *I* am a healer, in my own way.

To be clear: I do not see God (as we understand Him, Her or It) as being separate from any of these spiritual gifts. I see them as ONE. And I believe that everyone can tap into this place within themselves if they wish. And I believe that God not only gives us these gifts and talents but blesses us as we use them.

Yes, we all know of those who scam vulnerable, hurting folks who have lost a loved one. We know this and have seen it in action. Maybe we laughed about it – oh, the absurdity of it all! And yes, it’s terrible.

Do I think Rosemary Altea is telling her “True Story” in this book? Yes, I do, actually, and I’ll tell you why.

While I believe that most people are telling the truth… there is a more subtle message… and I believe it with my entire heart and soul: People are always telling their truth.

Further, I believe that I can get something out of most everything I read – even if it’s full of lies.

Finally, I believe that there is a lesson to be learned from every person I meet and everything that crosses my path.

So, that’s how I look at stuff like this and every so often, I get a nudge to write about the subject. Not sure why today but maybe it’s to offset the heaviness of yesterday’s subject.

No matter the reason, here we are, talking about what happens beyond the worldly sphere. I love the complexities of life and death… and what lives in the realms between and beyond. If you do too, you’ll like this book. If you don’t, hurry along, nothing to see here.


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