Advice – Lesson from Laurie Part Deux

Once upon a time (it was in 2013 on that blog I told you about the other day) I wrote a blog post about Laurie. I’m going to share it first and then share “Part Deux”… so without further aDEUX <<< haha! I’m funny <<< here is part Uno (because I speak three languages, obviously):

I’ll call her Laurie, which is a good choice since it’s actually her name. 🙂 She was one of the prettiest girls in high school. Sweet, too. Our last names began with the same letter so we were always in the same general area for lockers and other things where we were lined up in last name order.

I haven’t talked to many of my high school friends in years. There are a few who I have stayed in contact with over the years, even if there were sometimes breaks, even if they lasted for years.

Then came Facebook. And re-enter some really wonderful people that I may not have ever had the delight and privilege to meet again otherwise. Laurie is one of those friends.

Today she said something really profound, though I’m pretty-much sure she was just typing the first thing that came to her mind. Once again, I am learning that if you open your mind to positive, it enters, sometimes unbidden and always with a gift. Always.

So, you’re probably wondering what she could have possibly said that would make that big of an impact. Here goes… but I have to start with what I’d said first. I said: Don’t laugh, but… and then I talked about this 70’s band that I adore (Bread). Laurie responded with, “Why would I laugh?” Indeed, Laurie. Why would you?


I do that a lot. Assume things. Mind read. Give preemptive explanations. That’s not positive thinking! Positive thinking says I know my own intent and I can’t control my audience – nor should I. It says if someone doesn’t like what I like, that’s okay. It says, I am fine, right where I stand, just as I am.

So, Laurie, thank you. Thank you for the reminder and for giving me something important to put in writing today!

Now, here we are back to today, July 15, 2019. This morning, Laurie sent me a PM on Facebook and I asked if I could share the story because, well… once again my sweet friend has brought me a lesson!  

Laurie and her equally adorable hubby are on retirement holidays in their RV. She was in a park doing laundry at the laundromat. There was one other person there. Oh, I’ll let Laurie take it from here:

“I could see her car from the window. She had a bumper sticker that said Snogglefuhr. […] We weren’t chatting, but I started a conversation with the sole purpose of eventually asking what Snogglefuhr means. Her response: “It means whatever I want it to mean. It’s a word I made up in response to bumper stickers that I find to be incredibly offensive. But I also say it now when I’m really happy about something or if I just generally don’t know what to say.”

Is that not the best idea?

Hey, you guys!! Let’s make up our own word that means something only we know, put it on a bumper sticker, T-shirt or heck, get a tattoo! And when someone asks, let’s spread the wisdom! We’ll say it was a lesson from Laurie! She’s not only beautiful but one smart cookie! 

PS: MMMmmm Cookies 

PSS: Booginstromer may or may not be my word. Here’s the thing… we get to choose! 🙂 In the meantime, though… I’m feeling utterly booginstromer!


  1. I looked up snogglefuhr, because I saw that on a bumper sticker on a car in my RV park in Prescott, AZ. I don’t think I ever did a google search and only got one hit before. I might actually start using this. “As a year, 2020 is certainly Snogglefuhr!”

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