Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Carol: Here’s the story

I wrote the first paragraph of this post a dozen times. How do I describe a woman who grabbed my heart the first time I met her and didn’t let go?

That was thirteen very long years ago!

At the time, she was in the middle of a long-term abusive relationship. She didn’t realize it and neither did I, though there were signs. Aren’t there always signs?

She struggled with mental health issues but I didn’t know it. In fairness, so did I and she didn’t know it. Or maybe our subconscious selves knew it and recognized each other? Maybe that’s what drew us together? (No question about it, now that I think about it!)

She was adorable, sexy and witchy… a little bit Ann Margret  … a little Kim Novak … an empath, tarot card reader and bundle of 5′ energy on 4″ heels.

She loved to read. A LOT! Perhaps it was her escape. Looking back, I’m sure of it. She couldn’t have chosen a better escape. She loved the library and had a new book every few days.

She was a writer. Prolific, really. And animal lover.

What’s not to love?

And then her whole world turned upside down.

What did she do? Some would say she “Reinvented herself” and that may be true. I say that she let her true self emerge… no “reinventing” needed. Just release.

She is still all the things I said above… and more.

Her animal advocacy has led her to volunteer and stand up for abused and captive animals. She “walks the talk” as a vocal advocate for the ethical treatment of sentient beings.

For the animals, she has also chosen veganism as a lifestyle and shares her trials and tribulations with difficult recipes, like “cheese” sauces and pulled “pork”.

Her mental health advocacy has led her to talk about her struggles in a public way, including several blog spaces, which I will be sharing with you.

She left the abusive long-term relationship years ago but knows the struggle to move beyond the damage takes time. She shares her experiences in a way that respects individual journeys and speak to each person “where they stand”.

Oh, and she swears like a sailor. Just thought I’d add that. <<< This is always a shock to me, though it shouldn’t be. Many of my closest friends let the f-word flip frequently (say that fast three times!).

In short, she is a smiley-face lil’ monkey with a dark side. Ha! The perfect photo for this teaser.

Her interview will be coming soon…

In the meantime, get a pen and paper ready. I’ve asked for a few recipes!

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