Romany Fortunes – Dabbling

I dabble. <<<<< There, I said it. 

I am open to pretty-much anything except the Ouiji board. That bad-boy is just evil. But I digress.

I found Romany Fortunes by Lady Lorelei  (with cards) on sale at the bookstore. It was in a pretty gift box. I didn’t do anything with it for several … uh, years. I just liked having it around. Just like I have a deck of Tarot and one of  I-Ching. I also have crystals, a salt lamp, ambient music CDs, mandala– making and paper butterfly kits (thanks, Mom!), oh, and twinkly lights. I’m all over that feel-good-y stuff!

So, sue me.

I’m writing about this today because it’s something I’ve been enjoying over the past several weeks. I’ve been doing a daily reading and my Tapping. I’ve been going through something kinda trying and also gearing up for some medical tests – and you know how I do with that kind of stuff (for your reading enjoyment: every time I’ve tagged the word “hypochondria” in this blog). So, cards and tappings. Can’t hurt, right?

What I like best about this particular card pack is that it’s literally smaller – in the size of the cards – and in the size of the deck – which makes them easier to shuffle. Also, easier to memorize and find in a book. Cuz… I’m old, don’t see book print as well as I used to and all that jazz.IMG_3557

You may remember that I’m having a problem with my hand, called Dupuytren’s Contracture. I’m seeing a surgeon next month. Wanna see it? Here’s my bunched-up hand. See the lumpy, dented bits? It keeps the last three fingers on my hand from being straight and eventually, they would fold down into my palm. Also, it hurts.

Anyhow, shuffling cards is difficult but much easier with a regular-sized deck of cards, which these are. So, I like that.

Now, where was I?

Oh yeah, I was going to tell you that I pulled a card for you. I prayed – and yes, I mean literal praying, since I believe that all good things come from God – so, yeah, I prayed that the card I pulled would be for our (yours and my) greatest good and that it would be edifying. With that in mind, I also want to say that this deck has very few negative cards and those that are, are very clearly about endings of relationships, careers, etc, not physical death. The hypochondriac in the room appreciates that!

Here’s the card I pulled:


I don’t know if this card is for you or me – or both – but here we go.

This card brings the promise of many and lasting friendships.

Hey, neat! Hi friends!

This card is about belonging.

Isn’t that was everyone wants?

It can mean nostalgia, innocence, and joy.

Those were the days, my friends!

The tree is the symbol of life.

Are you in the tree looking back or are you on the ground, playing? (Introvert / Extrovert?)

The children are cooperating, part of a shared endeavor…

Okee-dokee, just as it should be. PS: That kid in the tree may be the leader. Just something to think about.

The flags are symbolic of patriotism – or is it separatism?

Uh. Life. These days. Ugh.

We must find common ground.

Someone, please shout this from the mountaintops! My voice is giving out!

As is always the truth, the card can be read from any perspective… through the eyes and heart of each person seeing it.

For me, the challenge in the book rings true: It is time to give up a pattern of behavior that is no longer serving me. I can pinpoint the situation it is talking about, which won’t be discussed here. At least, not yet.

How about you? Did anything here ring true for you? Did it speak to you? Is it utter bullshit? Let me know!

I’m all about surrounding myself with that which brings me joy. I’m also all about having fun. That’s what this is to me. Fun… and… telling, if you’re willing to listen.


  1. Resonance: “…since I believe that all good things come from God…”

    If reading tea leaves or skipping rocks or breathing essential oils brought you closer to God, then I’d be all for it! God is everywhere we choose to find Her!

    Sending love!

    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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