Remember this one? – Celebrate Age!

Age is an opportunity no less, 

Than youth itself, though in another dress, 

And as the evening twilight fades away, 

The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I’ve been writing blogs and novels for years. As in: Many.

My friend Pam has been listening to me lament about it for a long time. As in: Long time.

Pam has been someone who says (a lot!) that down the road, she will be there to say, “I knew you when you were a struggling writer.”

She tells people… she knows someone who will one day be a famous novelist.

Weird thing. She’s talking about me. ME!

As I was going through my bookshelf today, I ran across this little book(let). I remembered that Pam gave it to me. I think she was at a seminar and the author was selling it.

I flipped through it… and a little piece of paper drifted out from between the pages.

Sheryl – Enjoy!

An early birthday present!

You could so write something like this. 

Pam (with a happy face in the top of the P.)

Pam is one among a handful of friends who have been unwaveringly supportive of my writing… and of me. I just wanted to start with that… because it’s very important in the realm of self-help. The phrase “self-help” denotes self… singular. And true, the lion’s share of the work is yours. But, oh, what a foundation of caring friends can help you to build. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Okay, that said…

Marcia Berhydt is the author of this neat little gem called Celebrate Age! Unfortunately, I can’t find a place to buy this particular book but the author is online and has podcasts, bios and another book that you can buy, called “One Small Voice“. I may be buying it myself… it’s about ageism. Interesting stuff.

But this little book might be found in estate sale collections or elsewhere. Just keep your eyes open if this kind of thing appeals to you. It does me. Duh, of course, right? 

I will go out on a limb and say this is a book for women.

I love the bio on the back that says, in part: [Marcia] is now embracing this part of her life, especially the whimsy of writing. 

Whimsy. I love that!

It’s 78 pages of stories, memories, and a few rants, too. Mostly about aging and women. It’s packed with wisdom and is the kind of thing you might keep in your purse for long grocery lines or staying in the car while your partner runs in to get dog food or nuts and bolts. Or something. You know what I mean.

And it makes a great little birthday gift. I should know. Lots of the books I share will.

Oh, and be sure to write a little note that will flutter out years after it’s received. You’ll make someone’s heart flutter, too.

“Remember this one?” = Posts that you may have missed the first time around. This post was originally written and shared by me on March 1, 2018

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