Easy like Sunday – Some stuff I noticed this week

It’s been a while since we’ve had a little sit-down chat… so here I am… sitting. 🙂 Grab a cuppa and join me, won’t you?

If April showers bring May flowers, what do August showers do? Mostly soak stuff, that’s what they do. We had a super late summer and it’s a short one this year, but still beautiful. I’ve taken some gorgeous photos. Look at this one! No filters here, folks! And also, it was a NEW PLACE I found!! Woot, woot!!


The featured photo (above) is bittersweet because I’m pretty-sure it’s the florist who had a devastating fire that same night, after I’d been there. Migrant workers lost everything – they lived on the property- and the owners lost their livelihood. Luckily, nobody was hurt! If it’s not the *exact* florist it’s extremely close by and reminds me (once again) that life is full of surprises, not all of them good.

I’ve got my Ruby back!!!!! I should have said that first! And the CRAZIEST thing happened. Listen to THIS: Ruby sat in the driveway (in case you didn’t follow the link and don’t know, Ruby is my beloved car – and I say “beloved” on purpose, as she IS my favorite inanimate object!)… anyway… Ruby sat in the driveway for a solid month as we tried to figure out how to get enough money together to get her fixed. We didn’t know exactly what was wrong but it was clearly something serious, as she shook so hard she could barely stay started… and not without the “Check engine” light that we all know and hate. There’s a guy at the end of the street with a shop and it’s always super busy. We decided that once we got some money together, that’s where she’d go.

Long story short on the money sitch is that we cashed out some retirement (which we HATED doing but it was our only choice. We’re good with it, as it had to be done!) We budgeted out $1,500 just in case she needed a transmission or something – which maybe wouldn’t have been enough. Who knows, really? Cars! Then Ruby took the short drive to the corner. He said they couldn’t look at her for three days but I could leave her there and if someone canceled, they’d squeeze her in. Two days later, I get this call:

“Hello, Sheryl?”


“This is Jim from Jim’s Auto down the street and I have good news!”

“Really? What is it,” I said all casual-like because I know enough not to get excited without reason <<<—- says the lady who is ALWAYS waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“It was … blah, blah, air boot something blah blah… $50.”

“Wait, what? Did you just say $50?”


“OH MY FREAKING GOD. YOU’RE KIDDING! YOU’RE NOT KIDDING?” <<<— me screaming like a hyena in heat. Although, I’m not really sure what that sounds like but it seems about right. So, sue me.

“I’m not kidding! With tax it’s $50.56! Come and get her!”

Is that not wild? Wild, right? <<<—Especially with the hyena reference. HAHA. I’m so funny.

So yeah, that was GREAT news!

Then, as I was driving Ruby to the market, I thought to myself that I felt so trapped and beholden to my husband without my car. I’d had to go to a government office the week before and had to wait until he had a free moment and then they wanted me to stay and talk to someone so I was worried about holding him up from an appointment he’d had, which he ended up rescheduling and then getting there early because they suddenly called me up to the window after I’d waited 25 minutes. Phew! I know, run-on sentence.

And as I thought about having my car back, it occurred to me that most everything I think is really terrible is actually…


It was an epiphany, people!

So, you may be wondering what I’ve been doing differently lately to have that thought even cross my mind? Because, you know, I’m a hypochondriac with health anxiety, depression and asthma with a nice little grouping of other pain-inducing ailments who is right, smack in the middle of her yearly medical testing. This is the time I year I go bat-shit-crazy with these damned tests, ya know?

Okay, here’s what I’ve been doing:

  1. Tapping – and not even every day! It forces me to meditate, which is a nice bonus! Is it easy? Yes, but… I’ve had a block all the way through. It’s getting easier though, especially when I consider the effects!
  2. Romany Fortunes – silly, la-la, woo-woo… except not… because once again, it forces me to meditate and think about what it is that I want, which is health & healing.
  3. Turning off my devices after my husband and I say goodnight and reading. What am I reading right now? I’m finishing up (about 2/3 of the way through) A Walk in the Woods – which I didn’t even realize had been made into a movie with swoony Robert Redford. It’s a GREAT book! Seriously funny and encouraging and wonderful!
  4. Working on my book, which is completed but needs a little spit and polish here and there. At the same time, I’m sending off excerpts and query letters to publishers accepting submissions for middle-grade chapter books. It’s super-exciting but a little frustrating too, as they all say to wait 4-6 months to hear back.
  5. Taking care of myself… slowly but surely. We’ve been trying to cut back on meat by buying less and only from our local butcher with ethically-sourced and slaughtered farm-bred local animals. We’re also trying to eat fresher foods. This week, we had salad two nights in a row! Woo Hoo! We also have washed grapes, strawberries and peaches – in season here – along with fresh veggies in the fridge. There’s an avocado I’m dying to eat on the counter! Not ripe yet. Bummer.
  6. Journalling. This is more difficult than I anticipated but I’m doing it if only to draw a picture and color it in.

At the same time, I’m trying to keep my eyes peeling for a job that won’t kill me and bring a little money in the house. If a full-time position presents itself and is good for me… I’ll be all over it! When the last job said I retired, I was going to do that. But it’s ridiculous, given our circumstances. I need to work!

I’m having my hair done this week and decided that I’m not going to dye it anymore. We’ll see how that goes. It was fun while it lasted but ain’t nobody unemployed’s got that kind of money to keep it up! Yiperdoodles, it’s expensive! And I don’t DARE try to do it myself. Let’s just say I’m legally blind, uncoordinated and far too fat to hold my arms up that long without major cramping.

Other than that, folks… the depression that hovered over me for a couple of weeks seems to have subsided, as it usually does (eventually). Why does it feel so overwhelming *every single damned time*? So frustrating!

What’s been going on with you? Let me know in the comments.

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