A Course in Miracles – Now see, this is why I hunt through thrift stores!

I’ve mentioned this book before, as have a few of my readers.

A Course in Miracles by the Foundation for Inner Peace (“The Scribe” is Dr. Helen Schucman) is something I’ve tried to read online. It’s all bookmarked – the text, the workbook, and manual for teachers and everything! But, to be honest, I don’t do so well with reading online. If I make the words easier to see – which usually means larger – then I can’t read across the page without moving the screen from side-to-side and don’t even get me started on the up and down, you know?

Also, I simply prefer books that I can hold in my hands, or lap as the case may be… and it may be in this case, since the book is kinda heavy, both literally and figuratively. The wording is large and dark, which I appreciate, too.

So, I will be combing through this over the next 90 days or so and then I’ll be back with a proper review!

In the meantime, let me tell you how I found this gem – obviously in a thrift store if you read the title. I also picked up two others that I think might surprise you! Consider that a teaser for later. 🙂

So, my husband and I have been working hard at a few things lately. One is eating more local, fresh produce and cutting back on meat and animal products, especially commercially raised and slaughtered. To that end, we have a local butcher who is very mindful to stock only locally-sourced meats, eggs, cheeses, etc.

I also decided to buy actual cloth napkins. Well, first it was washcloths because surprisingly, it isn’t easy finding napkins these days since almost everyone uses disposable paper napkins and towels.

Enter, the thrift store. I originally went there for a gaze at the self-help section of books but then remembered they also have linens and whatdoyaknow? They had a set of 12 pretty peachy cloth napkins that looked just like new for $6. Win/win for us. Now we can take those washcloths I mentioned and use them as … oh… washcloths!

That’s another thing! Have you noticed how they’re making kitchen and bathroom washcloths out of that clingy stuff? It’s some kind of man-made polyester crap that EVERYTHING sticks onto! Plus, it sticks to ITSELF and doesn’t hold onto any water! It’s these… can you see it? It’s useless, I tell ya! IMG_3762So, yeah, those washcloths will be replacing the junky ones I hate.

So yeah, the thrift store was great today and I am trying to find ways to replace all the “throwaway” stuff with “keepers”.

I told you I’m using white vinegar with the laundry? It takes the place of Downey and has no chemicals and costs 1/4 of the price – if that. I tried tin foil balls in the dryer and to be honest, it sounded like WWIII in there, what with the balls turning into tightly-packed ammunition and banging into the metal walls of the dryer. So, then I tried actual pieces of tin foil, sized like a dryer sheet. It didn’t work well, especially with the aforementioned sticky towels. So, now I have unscented Bounce. Too many chemicals but can’t be helped at the moment. If you have any ideas for natural static cling remover, let me know!

The whole thing about thrift stores, in general, is that you are repurposing something that someone else isn’t using. That in itself is being environmentally wise, don’t you think? It also makes me feel good like I’m doing something that matters.

Just sharing my thoughts…

Yes, I know I went way off topic today but I promise to be back once I’ve finished this tome. It’s like a Bible, kind of, so it may take more than 90 days… it may take a year, or a lifetime. I’ll fill you in as we go along… promise!


  1. Those are microfiber cloths you pictured in your post, and I agree with you. I still prefer cotton washcloths for washing things like dishes (or my face!), but microfiber cloths are great for dusting, polishing and shining things (blinds, mirrors, granite countertops, etc.), without leaving streaks, so don’t throw them away 🙂

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  2. Here’s your answer! Woolen dryer balls!

    I’ve been using them for several months!

    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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