Teaser for Upcoming Interview – Patte: Rock With You

You may or may not have noticed that I’m naming my teasers after song titles or lyrics. Did you? Just wondering! LOL

Patte and Rocks go together like peanut butter and jelly… Lucy and Ricky… fun and games… and to use a little pun – Rock and Roll! Wanna know why? Of course, you do! Well, lemme tell ya!

Patte started this *rock thing* that kinda exploded. Actually, it totally exploded in the best possible ways! I bet you knew it would have to do with rocks. Did you?

I can’t tell you anything else because her interview will have everything you need and want to know about it! This is – after all – just a teaser! 🙂

But a little about how we met. I don’t remember! True story!

I think it might have been through my friend Bonney but it might have been Jerry. I think it was Jerry? He was was a poet who lived in a lakeside community down the highway. Well, kind of way down… and over. It’s called Port Colborne and it’s the prettiest little city right next to the Welland Canal. I have to mention the city because it’s part of what makes Patte… well, Patte!

And I must say, it’s also part of what makes my friend Bonney… well… Bonney. That’s the kind of city it is… it’s a part of the people, who are in turn a part of the city. Symbiotic!

It’s really more like a small seaside town… and it’s gorgeous! The people there are amazing and “take care of their own” (along with a bunch of others, including one of my favourite charities who take care of feral cats, called Port Colborne Feline Initiative.)  

Also, it’s kind of an artist’s enclave. And yes, Patte is an artist… of several mediums. Just like others there… oh my gosh. Like Gail’s store that was a fixture on the corner for years. It had things made out of things…. like, a mailbox made from an old breadbox… a dress mannequin made from CDs. No kidding! Port Colborne and the people who live there are…  just so NEAT!

Oh my gosh, where was I? Jerry passed away – it was a horrible shock – and I kind of backed away from his Facebook page but kept in touch with a few folks. I’m really thinking Patte was one of them. Not that it matters (there I go with my ADHD mind that stalls at the details)However it was that we met, I found a really neat friend.

I’m smiling a LOT as I write this and Patte will be pleased to know that the thought of her makes me happy! She is a joyful, giving, talented and spectacular woman!

And like I said, I have friends in Port Colborne, like Bonney and Gail, so I actually saw some of Patte’s… let’s call it handiwork… during a visit. It was in the parking lot across the street from City Hall. And that’s all I’m gonna say about it!

I’m so excited that Patte agreed to be interviewed. She will encourage and inspire you!

And … we’ll be sharing a feast for the eyes, heart and soul, too!

Look for it on Sunday…

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