Make the Most of Your Sun Sign – Just for funsies!

There are – of course! – a million bazillion astrology books (scientifically proven number, of course! LOL). I have about… three of them… and Make the Most of Your Sun Sign by the late Carole Golder is one. Obviously.

I like the cover. In fact, it’s the whole reason I chose it today. Yep, it’s one of *those* kinda days.

You may remember I have a “sitting/writing” room (the second bedroom) with a rocking chair and my books, my shrine table and this neato secretary thingy I told you about a few weeks ago. My computer came up from the kitchen and made its home inside. It is here, next to a window, where I write now.

It is a spectacular autumn day, with fluffy clouds and a cool breeze that, every once in awhile, blows in through the open window and makes the chimes above my head sing. Hannah is watching the birds and the butterflies outside as her fur rustles in the wind. This is my view.


It’s so wonderful that I almost want to stop and enjoy the moment… and actually, I do.

I did.

I am.


So much beauty.

Sometimes I feel so lucky and blessed! Often, actually.

So, about this book…

Here are the Sun Signs (also known as Zodiac Signs which are based on the date of your birth and the position of the sun, stars and planets): 


This book is from “the decade of a million self-help books” (as proclaimed by ME!) the 1980s. So, it’s kinda old-ish. But ya know, sometimes the old things are just as great as the new – spoken as a true baby boomer, eh? This book is no exception.

It’s about the size of my Nancy Drew books and like those, has a hardcover and large print. It’s written simply and is very easy to navigate.

But the question, I suppose, is this: Do I believe this stuff? Well… yes and no. Mostly yes, though, truth be told. I was always the quintessential Sagittarian: We’re positive and honest, have a wonder of the world and even when we suffer setbacks, we maintain our belief that life is good. We’re funny! Okay, we’re also the moralizers of the Sun Sign world but we do it so well! We’re the actors and politicians who leave a mark (pg. 15-16). Nope, we do not “go quietly” into ANY night…  or day!… that’s for darned sure!

I mean, c’mon… it’s so spot on it’s scary! Or is it that I adapted after-the-fact? You can be the judge… of YOUR life, I mean. Not MINE! LOL

Golder separates her book into a parents section (to understand your children) a young adult section and of course, one for adults. There’s actually quite a bit about all sorts of stuff in here! No, it’s not the best book about astrology… but it’s a good beginner’s book. And, a lot of Fun!

So, who are you? Do you believe this kind of thing? Consider it self-help? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Additional Online Reading: Cool websites about The Zodiac Signs and Zodiac Signs and Meanings.

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