Easy like Sunday – Have I found my Calling?

I had something happen last weekend that I’ve been wanting to share but… but… hmmm. I also didn’t want to share. It felt so … personal … and fragile, I guess … like a bubble that could burst at any moment.

So, I’ve been sitting with it. Studying it. Wondering. Oh yes, lots of wondering. It’s felt… I’ve felt… a spiritual pull. **Something** is happening in my life.

Well, with that preamble you might think I’m going to reveal a Great Truth or that I had a near-death experience. Sorry to disappoint. And, yet… I do have something to share. And it’s important enough that it’s caused me some consternation. Is that the right word? Maybe. We’ll see.

It began last weekend at an autumn psychic and wellness expo. I was going to say hello to my friend, MB, who was offering animal communication readings. (I’ve mentioned her here in a prior post – in fact, she’s also an author I highlighted early in this blog.But I digress.).

The moment I stepped through the threshold, I got very, very warm and chalked it up to lots of people being around and my anxiety.

They had door prizes with about ten choices for what you could win… from gift baskets to massages to life coaching sessions. I chose a life coaching session with an intuitive life coach I happen to follow on Facebook. I recognized her name. dropped in my ticket and began my trek through the building. As I walked, I got warmer and warmer and even remarked to a few vendors that I found the entire thing overwhelming. By then, I was sweating profusely and no kidding, vibrating! I was wiping my face with a tissue. For real. It was horribly embarrassing and I almost left right then but I hadn’t yet seen MB… so I kept going.

I was almost through the first section when I saw the intuitive life coach from Facebook with a booth and she was offering $10 mini-readings! Well! I was on board for that! I introduced myself and the funny thing was that she didn’t recognize my actual name… but she did recognize “The Self-Help Whisperer”… crazy, right?! Maybe this gig is going better than I thought? Anyhow, she gave me a reading and I won’t go into all of it but will share a few things:

  1. Success and earned money are in my near future.
  2. My marriage is very strong.
  3. My anxiety is not what was causing me discomfort – specifically the sweating and vibrating – it was that I am highly in tune with all the psychic energy around me.

Almost immediately, I felt better, less embarrassed and stressed about it. I call myself an empath and then immediately forget that I pick up on the energy around me. Dur!

Still, I apologized to MB about being so sweaty but she hugged me anyway and it took the entire drive home in an air-conditioned car to stop. The vibrating didn’t stop – for two days! Wild, huh?

The next day, I got a call. I’d won the door prize! I was getting an hour with the same intuitive life coach who had given the reading! That’s happening early this week. Also happening later in the week, a virtual tea with MB to ask her some questions about how she got her business up and running.

But also… listen to this…

That night, I had a dream. I won’t share all of it because I’ve already done work on it and my mom’s got it working too (Hi Mom!) and I know what it was about: Money. It touched on my blocks to receiving and who I think is in control of all that. Hint: Not me. No wait! It IS me. Oh no, now I’m confused!

Point is: The dream gives me some insight into how to change the paradigm… and it’s one that’s been haunting me since… forever.

Now, here’s the reason I hesitated sharing all this and in fact, did everything possible to avoid it, including biting my fingernails so much my fingers ached too much to type…


Of what?

What if… the life coach is right?

What if… that dream is teaching me how to heal my messy money mind?

What if… all the hard work on this blog and branding myself and writing and putting myself out there and allowing myself and others to truly *know me* as an empath… what if?… all of it… is …

Leading to something?

Holy shit, people!

Is this my future?

One with community and money and vibrating and sweating and … being closer to God, who I believe created me and Holy Spirit, who is all around me and in me… and whatever else it is that makes me tick?

Two meetings this week that will help to sort it all out and lead me where I need to go. I can’t wait!!

Is it possible? Have I found my calling?


  1. This sounds totally amazing! And…what is this money block of which you speak? I think there is something similar plaguing me…

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