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Well, guys and gals, tomorrow is my hand surgery day! Wish me well! 🙂

You may have noticed that I’ve been laying low, as I often do when stressed, even though I don’t feel that stressed, but I must be since I haven’t even written one new post this week. I’m sorry about that … the run-on sentence and that I haven’t written.

I hope you’re enjoying my photos, though! I sure enjoy taking them. And the trees are just beginning to change colors (er, colours in my part of the world!) and I’m hoping that I’ll have at least one finger that’s useful on my right hand to push the shutter! I’m hooked on this photo thingy!

Take a look at my featured photo, for example. I’m just driving along a rural road one day (years ago!) and noticed a country church. There’s even a cemetery in the back! As a native Californian, I never saw a church with a cemetery, never mind a charmer like this! I drive by about once a season because I love it so… and there are a few mature trees that change color. This photo is from my visit last week. Can you tell the steps are mossy? I’m guessing that parishoners go through a side door… and this church can’t hold more than… maybe… 50-75 people, tops. And the tree out front is just beginning to let go of the leaves. So lovely.

I’ve scheduled a few “Remember this one?” posts for the upcoming week and I hope you’ll take a look at them… because you may have missed ’em the first time around! They’re all about books… so actually, even if you did read them you might find something else to pique your interest. My advice: Read them. 🙂 The books and the posts. 🙂

NOTE!! Keep in mind that they’re posts I originally wrote last year (I always include a note and link) but sometimes people either don’t notice or forget. Then they worry about me or my family, who went through a tough time as I was writing in March 2018. Not that prayers and good juju aren’t always gratefully accepted but I don’t want to worry anyone!

In reading back through the posts, I realize how often I’ve delved into my past stories as this blog has evolved. It’s difficult not to when we’re talking self-help books, of course! Especially since I read so many of them years ago.

But ya know…

I’m ready to move forward.

I won’t pretend things didn’t happen or deny them but just plan to lift above them as they’re no longer a part of my life.

Of course, relationships transcend the years, our world, and the heavens… not denying that! And life is full of mysteries… so who knows where we’ll go! But go forward, we will!

And finally, guess what? This blog is TWO YEARS OLD! My very first post was on October 20, 2017. Isn’t that cool?


  1. Bright, bright blessings for a swift and complete recovery! (And my blog didn’t start till November of that same year, so even though I turn sixty this month you’re older than I am. But I digress.)

    Anyway, whatever happens, remember I’m coming up on 10,000 posts for both my sites, & I’ve done it all with just one thumb!

    Let us know how y’are, we’ll be wonderin’ 😘🤗

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