Bio Moment – Getting surgled

As you may or may not be aware, I had hand surgery on Monday. It’s too difficult (at the moment) to link everything but suffice it to say it was an adventure. And! I made up a new word, as you can see! It fits, I think. Surgery present tense. Surgled past tense. See?

I have never had surgery or even stitches, which is amazing considering my age and risk-taking tendencies of youth. Well, that’s not exactly true. I had my tonsils out as a kid and episiotomies during the birth of two of my three children. Did the aesthetician laugh when I told him about my stitches in the netherregions? Yes, and so did my husband when I told him. In my defense, he’d asked me if I’d ever had a local anesthetic and it was the only one I remembered because it’s the only one I’ve had. But I digress.

I tapped all the way to the surgery and again, forgive me for not linking. If you’re interested, put “tapping” in my search engine and you’ll find what you need. And of course, I’d had my two neato meetings last week that led into my mindset this week.

Let me tell you that I had a very good feeling going in!

I kind of thought I’d “breeze through it!” This is unusual because I’m very anxious about my health (as ALL who read me with any regularity know!) and yet, I wasn’t particularly afraid. At least on the outside. Even on the inside … although …my trips to the bathroom were markedly more frequent on the day before. Maybe I was *a little nervous*.

I’ll tell you what hurt the WORST of the whole thing! The first needle to numb my hand. It felt like they’d taken a needle and driven it through the palm of my hand and then dug around, which of course THEY HAD. Folks, it was so bad that it triggered a migraine! Literally.

But aside from that… the next real pain came three days later when I accidentally flexed my hand. Now, it’s all covered up – dressed, as they say – and will not be removed until Thursday. So, I can’t help but be very careful! It stings and it’s been a *bit* achy here and there… but nothing too terrible. Boy, am I grateful!

So, I’m typing with my left hand and index finger, which thank God is able to be utilized for Candy Crush reasons! My middle, ring and pinky were the fingers involved in the surgery … or the fascia for those guys, I guess I should say.


Hopefully, I’ll be back to writing about books soon. They say… 4-6 weeks. I may try dictating next time. Cuz… gotta say, typing this was brutal and took a solid 45 minutes. I’m usually a 100 wpm kind of gal and the bulk of my time on posts is normally used for research and set-up not the actual typing part. But again, yes, I digress.

Note to self: Be patient (pun!) Sher


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