Bio Moment -Healing

I’m dictating this post today… So if there are any issues, I blame the microphone feature. 😁 Just a heads up in case my your you’re or two too stuff gets wrong.


I’m here to tell you that today – two weeks AFTER the hand surgery – has been the most difficult day, thus far.

The culprit is under this bandage. Looks pretty good, right?

I sailed through the surgery, as I KNEW I would. I’d been saying prayers and tapping on it for a week before and had a very clear sense that I was really, truly going to “sail” through it! And I did!!

The first week was okay, too. My husband took good care of me and I mostly just laid around and watched stuff on YouTube and played candy crush.

Then, I felt better! So good that I pulled together a load of laundry. It is there and then I found out it hurts when you stretch where the stitches are! Ouch! That smarted!

So, I was more careful after that. But yesterday was an unusual day because it was election day here in Canada and my husband had to work longer hours. We were having homemade pizza which seemed easy enough. But let me tell you that every twist and turn and holding the weird, round pan and the oven door at the same time… LOL LOL LOL… Well let’s just say… DON’T DO THAT!

Today is a different story. My hand aches and itches and stings. I sat in bed for four hours and then decided this is ridiculous and got up and came to the beach… it entails driving (thank God it’s not manual shift!) which also hurt BUT it’s soooo worth it! Look how gorgeous it is!!

So yeah, this is me not typing but still finding ways to connect with you!

How’m I doin’??


  1. Take heart, my dear — I’ve healed from quite the number of both injuries and surgeries, and it ALWAYS takes way longer than you feel it should. Here’s the catch: trying to hurry healing makes it take longer. I know you feel useless. You’re not, and that’s a big lesson to learn about ourselves, huh? Do this — every time you give yourself a healing break, say to yourself and the universe that you’re doing it on behalf of all life. Makes it easier!

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