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“What do you think is the main thread or theme of your life?.” – Carol Adrienne

The Purpose of Your Life by Carol Adrienne is one of a million billion kazillion books about finding … yes… the purpose of your life.

Adrienne is the co-author of The Celestine Prophecy Experiential Guide which goes along with the original The Celestine Prophecy <– link to my post. I used to have the guide but got rid of it in one of my (in)famous purges. It was pretty-much a deeper dive into already deeply-dove-en (ha! I know that’s not a word) waters.

Who is Adrienne? Welp, she’s a Ph.D. numerologist and life coach. That’s interesting and a little different, right?

And this book has one of those fancy gold stickers that says: As seen on Oprah. So yeah, there’s that.

The theme of the book is tapping into your gut… intuition… and I can certainly get on board with that, too!


Maybe today isn’t a good day for me to be writing about this book. I’m feeling snarky.


Here’s what’s bothering me… and I’ll begin at the beginning…

This book is fine! It’s filled with lists and ideas and tons of inspirational quotes. It’s well-written… part memoir, part narrative, part self-help tome. There are steps to follow and blanks to fill in.

In short, it’s just like a bunch of others. Like, a whole whack of ’em.

Forbes List

Nerdy Creator’s List

Goodreads List

And even the extensive Goodreads list doesn’t have this particular book on it. I know, that was mean to mention. What does it all mean? Yeah, I’m being a snark. Why?

Because… and oh my god, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but here goes … I could have *very easily* written this book.

Jealous much? Yeah, a little actually.

I’ve been trying to find the purpose of my life for 30 years. Probably longer but definitely since then. I thought I’d found it when I got the job at the college (working with people with disabilities) and years later at the cat center (working with cats). I self-sabotaged myself right out of both places, with a little help from friends (said with more than a tongue in my cheek, if you know what I mean).

I thought I’d found my purpose when I started writing this blog and then my own self-help book. But something wasn’t right so I put it aside and finished a middle-grade chapter book I’d begun years ago instead. So far, it’s been a barn burner with one potential publisher sending a rejection letter (email, actually).


So yeah, I’m a little annoyed. What does it have to do with this book?

Nothing. But I *made it* have something to do with it. I’m so talented like that.

Double Ugh.

So, don’t listen to me on this one. It’s NOT AT ALL a bad book. It isn’t even kinda bad. It’s quite good actually… especially if it’s your first dip into self-help waters.

I will end with a quote from the book that I found quite illuminating… and perhaps is something I should revisit:

It had never occurred to me that feeling empty might actually be a route to something deeper and richer within. – Tony Schwartz

Am I feeling empty? Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m feeling something… and it doesn’t feel good. I’m gonna go ahead and blame the book. <— I’m kidding, I think.


  1. Reblogged this on The Self-Help Whisperer® and commented:

    May 3, 2022

    I love reblogging because I can read my posts from the past all over again, which reminds me of books, good and bad. Sometimes, I want to pull the book out and read it again. In the case of THIS one? Yes, I wanted to but no, I can’t. That’s because I no longer have it. It’s gone, gone, gone with the winds of one of my most recent purges.

    I wish I had every book I’ve ever owned right here in my little library. It would – however – be a HUGE library, which is why I purge books in the first place.

    I have a kid with boxes of books in storage. I say, “What good are they THERE?” She laughs at me.

    I used to be such a slob… I really did! I’m still not the tidiest person you know. But I’m 100% better than I used to be. Part of that comes from purging *stuff*. Books included.

    Oh… sigh. Feeling a little nostalgic for the olden days when I had a whole house to fill with my stuff. I had the coolest lawyers case with glass front. Oh, who cares? I mean, really?

    Anyway, this book is good. As you’ll read… I could have written it myself.



  2. It changed my outlook completely, from total self abnegation to a level of operational ecstasy which remains to this day, twenty five years later.

    She goes into the prisons, you know — and when she comes out The lifers say the walls are not made of cement any more. They’re made of rainbows. Serious as a heart attack.

    Please remember that when I needed someone one hundred percent real, with her head in the clouds and her boots on the ground, to get me over the hump — that person was you alone — and try to love yourself like I do.

    Mwa, darlin’. Mwa, mwa.

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  3. It’s funny. I’ve been thinking that for saturated topics like this, that the benefit that books like this provide is a perspective that may resonate with some people that the dozens of other similar books may not.

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