Bio Moment – Black (and blue) Friday

My day began as any other. Lately, that means bed until I fully wake up and care enough to get out of it. Sometimes, that happens as late as noon. Others, at 9am. Today was a 9:30am kinda day.

And then all heaven broke loose!

I went to Amazon to look for a Christmas gift for my grandson… and I wanted something Mom and Dad would enjoy too… that they all could do together. Well… what I found is perfect and I can share it with you because none of my kids read this blog. <<< — (Yes, in a way I wish they would but in another way, it’s okay. It’ll be here when they’re ready… probably after I kack. But I digress. Ana. Hahaha!) So, I got my grandson, who is five and a half, a kid drone. It’s the totally coolest thing! And I realized it was Black Friday when Amazon told me so… which meant… a big discount and free shipping, even for me in Canadaville. See, normally, it goes like this… let me give you an example.

I bought my son a Lovecraft anthology (book) that retailed for $15. Easy-peasy, cheapo-keepo, and whatever other (not-so-clever) rhyming scheme you can come up with.

But no.

First, it has to be converted to Canadian dollars. Next, the shipping, which is also then converted to Canadian dollars. And finally, the tax. No shit, it was $39 to send that book. Plus change… like… $39.46 or something. Can you believe it?


I found the drone and the total cost was only the conversion to Canadian and with tax, it was still $20 less than the original (before Black Friday) cost. Woo Hoo! Thank ye, Jesus!

So, I did that and then got ready to hit the road for some offline shopping. Now, it might not seem that big of a deal in Canada, since our Thanksgiving was in October. Think again, grasshopper! It’s a VERY big deal. The first big shopping day of the holiday season here, too.

First, I went to Starbucks to treat myself to something holiday-ish and frothy. What I ended up ordering was a Chestnut Praline Latte. Tall. I got to the window and they said, “Oops, we mistakingly made a Grande. No extra charge. Sorry!”

“Sorry? No apologies needed,” I said. “Merry Christmas to me and keep an extra quarter on the tip!” Then I shared it on Facebook as any good minion must do. Ha! I make me laugh. And it was delicious, by the way!

Then I went to the grocery store and WHAT’S THIS? No tax? That’s right, fellow shoppers, no tax at the grocery store today! Well, yippy-ey-aye… which can’t be the way you actually spell it but I don’t have the time or inclination to find the correct spelling, so deal with it. 🙂 Forgive me, I’m loopy after a grande whack of coffee and the no-tax thing. 

So, yeah, it was a good day…


First, I whapped my head on my tailgate – it’s an SUV, as you may or may not remember. Her name is Ruby. She’s older (2006) and beautiful… and we take very, very good care of her. However, in her twilight years, she’s having trouble holding up that back gate, much like I feel about my ass. Ba-dump-dum-dum.

I was emptying my cart into the car, threw my head back and *pow* right on the whatever-it’s-called bone on top of your head. Oh, it’s called a noggin? Good to know. It smarted like a sumbitch. Just saying.

Then, in the house, I slammed into a door jam with my oversized upper arm. Twice. That’s gonna leave a bruise.

What is it about me spacially? It’s like… I don’t know where I am in space and time. Or I just don’t care.

Or it might be a brain tumor. <<<– I thought I’d disappoint you if I didn’t suggest that as the resident hypochondriac in the room. 

So, I’m feeling a little ouchie. Also, thankful. It’s that kind of day.

Back to talking about books soon. I’m going through “a thing” as if you didn’t know. Depression, anxiety, dark days, blah, blah, blah.

I give myself major props for seeing the good in the darkness, though.

Not wallowing… not sinking…

Yeah, I’m treading water… sometimes surfing a wave… sometimes going under… but never for long.

Hang Ten, buds. We’ve got another month or so to go of 2019. 2020, here we come!

PS: Also, we are that much closer to springing forward!


  1. God, I love you. I can’t begin to articulate how lucky and blessed I feel to have found you in this crazy space that’s filled with nuts and nougats.

    I have been blessed with your kinship and friendship, dear Ana. And the sound of your voice, reading your art, is the greatest natural Xanax in the world to me. Your voice is a balm. Your poetry a song. Your heart, a healing space.

    Just know that we are a mutual administration society with two hard-fast members… yin and yang… nut and nougat.



  2. Consider this possibility: you blossomed up into beautiful Reality from a completely depleted state and proceeded to tire yourself out still further — in a good way! but still — now you gotta rest.

    Or in other language, them precision right-on-it-every-noanosecond demons like you’ve got don’t get assigned to slouches, sweetie.

    Either way, a good three days of sleeping in because it feels good rather than ’cause you have to will get you going in the right direction withOUT new bruises.

    I’m not just talking through my hat, either — I cried every day for fifteen years. Sometimes all day.

    Been a good long time since I teared up over anything but a good story about somebody being compassionate, now. Years.

    And you know how I’m always telling you you’re on track with the ascension lightworkers schedule? Well, they’re begging, pleading with us right now to quit working so hard and rest. Like, we’ll screw it up if we don’t. Serious as a heart attack, sister.

    I love you. Have more days like this one. You deserve ’em.

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