Self-help in Other Places – Lady Gaga & Jamie Lee Curtis

In my more coherent moments of this month-of-hellishness (depression and junk) I have been reaching into previously unknown places on the internet to find inspiration, hope, and entertainment… you know, whilst in bed, in the dark, not sleeping. I found these wonderful “Actors on Actors from Variety on YouTube.

I happened upon MANY neato interviews but this one in particular really captured my attention. If you’re a fan of Gaga and Jamie Lee, as I am, or a fan of American Horror Story (I’m not, actually, which is surprising since I love horror…  except we don’t get premium channels on our landlord-provided cable, so there’s that!) then you will enjoy the back and forth. (You can watch and come back to this post or just jump below and continue reading. But do go watch at some point. Totally worth your time!) 

Somewhere in the middle, Jamie Lee brings up smartphones and instant photography. Gaga says something like, “When you capture a moment, you’re taking away from the whole” and …


Think about it for a moment… go with your gut. Does it hit you as hard as it hits me?

How often have I NOT enjoyed the whole while I scrambled to get the “perfect shot” or even just a shot to remember? As if I need a shot to remember! I’m gonna remember!

So, for example… last night, we went out to see the lights by Niagara Falls. Yes, I took some photos… but I also DIDN’T. I just sat back and enjoyed. 

I thought of what Gaga said… and almost didn’t take any… but dang, it’s a habit! And of course, I wanted to share the light! My life is so full of darkness during these depressive episodes… we need light, don’t we?

That said, it’s a still super important point! Unless you were with me last night, you can’t possibly get the true meaning of the moments I captured. You don’t get the cold air, the ice on the ground, the oohs and aahs, the music blasting from cars, the lights in the trees, the sound of Niagara Falls in the background… and me. You don’t get me! And I don’t get you! That only happens when we’re actually together.

Let’s think about music… and how deeply it moves us. Anyone who goes to concerts knows… it’s not the same as listening to it on a record… even if it’s the concert recording. Plus, what moves me may not move you. Just ask my husband!

Anywho, there are a bunch of these Actors on Actors discussions! You never know where they’ll go… or what you’ll learn.

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