Bio Moment – Freaking Sparkles :-)

You will not BELIEVE what happened to me last night! After my hideously (though humorous) day…

THIS happened…

My husband wrote me an email – cuz he couldn’t call or text, remember – and said, “Don’t make dinner. We’re going out to get you a phone, even if it’s a burner. We’ll decide about dinner afterward.”

He was right of course since we have no landline and his cell is owned by his employer and I can’t very well call California on it. KWIM?

So, I did my best to fix up and off we went! First stop Best Buy because, in an odd turn of (expected) events, it seems the kiosk where I got my phone is no longer in business. Go figure, we thought. What a freaking day.

And the “bad news” stops HERE. 🙂

The woman who helped us looked just like my adorable sister when she was 20. I got a really good vibe from her. I wasn’t sweaty or anxious and things went along smoothly. Amazingly so!

In a crazy turn of events, it turned out my phone contract was almost over and I could very easily trade up. I’d had my phone longer than I remembered. Yay!

And better news, they had a special going on where if you traded in your old phone -fried or not! – and bought a new phone, you got a $200 gift card, which you could use towards the down payment on the new phone. My down payment was $100. Actually, that was the ENTIRE charge of the phone. My head was spinning by this time!

That meant there was no more extra $15 a month that I’d been paying for my old phone. Plus, my plan had just upgraded to an extra gig of data at no charge.

And listen to this: Too bad, so sad… they only had black or rose gold to choose from. Rose gold? My phone would be rose gold? Only one of my favorite colors! Seriously? I literally squeed in delight. Squeeeeeeeee!

I was going to use the remaining $100 on a phone case and that cellophane cover for the glass on the front but what do ya know? They offered Geek Squad protection for $12.95 a month. which kept my bill the same as it originally was… well, $3 less, actually. Oh, and with the purchase of the coverage, you got a cover of your choice and the cellophane thingy as a gift. I found a SPARKLY translucent cover that the pink shows through. I tried to make it show in this photo but couldn’t. Trust me, it’s GORGEOUS!

And the story doesn’t end there!

I mentioned a few months ago that my external laptop keyboard – bought because the original one kacked – was having trouble with capital letters. It’s been a royal pain in the hiney. So, while we were there, we bought a new one with the gift card. It came with a mouse! I’m using it now!

So, I have $65 left on the gift card, a new keyboard & mouse, a stunning new pink phone with an additional gig of data and some neat new photo features that I can’t wait to try out and it all cost me $12.95 because I had to pay the first month of the Geek Squad coverage. The $80 left on my old contract will come on the next bill.

Done and done!

Then we went to A&W and had hamburgers and root beer for dinner.


As far as the leak… it stopped yesterday morning and is dry as a bone now. It was on a joint and it *might* have been condensation or ice that thawed quickly… who knows. The weird toilet thingy is being watched (and listened to) and almost seems to be coming from the house next door. We live in a semi, which means we share a wall with our neighbor. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Five minutes apart for a half hour and then it will stop for four hours. We checked the water meter and it’s only .00004 higher than it was yesterday. It is appearing more and more that it isn’t coming from our side.

We decided that we don’t want anyone coming and pulling apart plumbing and pipes. Especially if they’re not a specialist. If it happens again, we’ll call again. They need to see it while it’s happening. The next water bill is out soon and we’ll go from there. Hopefully after the holidays.

You know me. I’ve thought about what this all means. And here’s what I’ve come up with:

The take-aways from my day:

  • Hang tight!
  • Don’t always believe your crazy, swirling mind
  • Spirit may have other plans
  • Life can surprise you

Mine just did!!


  1. Yay! You deserve such lovely serendipity!❤️💙💚

    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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