2019: Year of Water – How’d it go?

As we wind down in 2019, I will be writing more about what’s happened this year and what my plans are for next year…

… and a little less about books …

That is, until 2020 when I hope to get back to the reason I started this blog with a renewed sense of energy! It certainly isn’t as if there aren’t still self-help books to write about! No end to them, my friends and readers. No end. Seriously!

I also want to say that my depression (of late) seems to be lifting. I wish I knew what the hell caused it – I mean, yes, I know what the doctor says and I know what I know – but the point is that I’ve done ***nothing*** different today than any other day, including medications, sleep and playing Candy Crush (Ha! I really am hooked) and yet, I feel lighter. Crazy, that.

Okay, so… water.

I absolutely, positively drank more water this year – and more often with purpose! I thought about it daily – though didn’t *always* follow through. But I did have it top of mind!

I made infused waters, bought fruit-flavored (with natural fruit – mostly lemon and lime) sparkling waters and/or made my own. I drank it cold, lukewarm, from the tap, from the bottle, from the fridge and from our neato mason glasses with permanent (okay, plastic) straws that we wash after every use. Better than throwing them away. Yes? And finally, I drank more teas, too. Yummy, herbal teas that are, of course, mostly water.

My Aqualead training lasted most of the year and was wonderful. I’m a “Master” now! I’ve done some continuing education with the teacher – who I adore – and it’s been fabulous. Do I feel ready to strike out and do it on my own or teach it? No. I have a block that I haven’t identified, so I’m keeping it on the down-low for now. It wouldn’t be fair if I couldn’t give it my ALL, you know what I mean? When I feel confident, it will go on my resume!

Side note: I was among an Aqualead group that sent healing to the fires in California and Australia … and get this … to my bathroom sink. I may have shared this already and if I did, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. LOL A group of us sent healing to our clogged drain and I literally HEARD IT unclog as I stood over it. No water was running, no draino poured in… just a bunch of us sending healing at exactly the same time. So cool!

Finally – about Aqualead – it is a spiritual practice… so my spirit was quenched by it. This didn’t (and doesn’t) take away from my belief in God in ANY way. They work in concert… to me… everything comes from God. EVERYthing.


I spent way more time by the water that surrounds me this year… searching it out all over the place! I even went by myself on days I had nothing else to do. I took photos, of course, and sometimes… just sat there watching and/or listening. I saved a video onto my phone of a stream with a little waterfall and can’t seem to make it copy over here… bummer… maybe Jesus is saying that it’s just for me?

It’s something I struggle with… wanting to share everything. Face it, I was made for social media!

Reminds me of a story…

My mom and I were talking over the weekend and she said I’ve always been a sharing person – sometimes to my detriment. We talked about money and how my sister was called “Moneybags” by me, of course, and I was (in my mother’s words) “Borrowing against next month’s allowance”… lol. Yep, that sounds like me. So, yes, the struggle is real folks!

I took more baths than showers because I love them… sooooo much! I bought epsom salts – both fragrant and not – and body washes and shampoos without parabens. I tried to spend a little extra and get as natural as I could with scents from nature like mint and rose water.

I opened the windows when it rained whenever I could to hear the sounds of raindrops on rooftops and cars and people splashing through puddles.

Yes, water was on my mind… for my health and for my mental health.

For 2020, I think I will keep everything water-related going. I learned that our bodies are… like… 70% water? … now I feel like I’m being tested, so don’t quote me. What I mean is: A whole lot. Our bodies are mostly water. 🙂 It is SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT to our physical health and our well-being!

Next time, I’ll be writing a separate post about 2020: The year of ________? I originally was going to make it the year of “Simplicity” and I like that and have already done some work with the word… but another thought surfaced after listening to my friend Lucy and I think it’s better for me… so, stayed tuned for that!

Please feel free to use this space – if you have no other – to map out your plans for the new year. Or a journal. Something. Plans come to fruition quicker than hopes and dreams… we make it so!


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