“Retirement” is OVER – Happy Birthday to ME!

Another beautiful day outside! And inside, too! Inside ME, I mean. You guys… listen to THIS! I have had the most AMAZING thing happen! I’m going to describe it in bullet form because you need to see the progression of it to believe it!

But first, two things:

My last employer told me I was retiring and who was I to argue? I needed a break, so I took it.

A few weeks in, I realized I needed a job. LOL I was blessed that I was able to get unemployment for 13 weeks and also that in the middle of it, I was able to have my hand surgery – and be paid by short-term disability.

Try as I might, my desire to get something totally UN-sales-related was for naught. There was no way, no how I was gonna get a sit-down desk job filing when I am an award-winning sales guru. But I fought like crazy trying!

I also tried making this blog fly as a source of income… perhaps I should have started a beauty or cooking blog if that was the point. It wasn’t… I just wanted to write about books and mental health and life… so, also nada on the moola thingy.

And my book? Well… it’s still on the burner… simmering. Two rejection letters… both friendly enough. Two is nothing… 20 is nothing… most authors don’t get published right off the hop. So, I’ll keep trying on that one!

Okay, you’re up to speed.

Two nights ago, after the sparkly phone adventure, a new series of events began. This is how it went:

  • I sat my husband down and said out loud, “This trying to find a regular job is for the birds. I’m going back to sales because I am, after all, really good at it! I need to work!”
  • The next morning, yesterday, a recruiter emailed me saying, “We saw your resume on Indeed,…” and the usual blah-blah stuff. Except this one sounded more interesting. Straight weekday hours, hourly wage plus bonuses, close to my husband’s office… so I wrote back to say, “Sure, you can call me and take five minutes of my time. Here’s my number!” He called within a half hour and shared some stuff and I agreed to an interview this morning.
  • Also yesterday, I got my last unemployment check.
  • The interview was this morning and HEY, today is also my birthday.
  • I got the job. Happy birthday to ME! When the recruiter called this morning, he told me they “LOVED” me at the interview. I aced it!
  • It’s not near my husband’s office, as originally presented to me. Instead, it’s right downtown, seven minutes from our house and close to the Farmer’s Market and Library.
  • The training begins in a month so I have time to get everything ready and get used to waking up at the crack of 7am again. I haven’t worked full time for five years, folks. This is gonna be epic!!

So, what do you think of that?

Synchronicity! Gotta love it!

Also, I should tell you what my husband got me for my birthday. Besides the newest book I really wanted (by my fave author Louise Penny) he got us a private visit to a labyrinth on the Solstice (Dec 21st). Is that the coolest thing you’ve ever heard, or what?

My mom and dad sent me an awesome dream journal/book but it’s not the typical “bunch of blank lines” or “Here’s what a cactus means” in dream verbiage. It’s super engaging and I can hardly wait to get my dreamworld into it!

So, my friends and readers… life is feeling pretty darned good today. I give wee credit to myself for putting it out there – sure! – but let’s get real, it’s God’s handiwork. And I am full of gratitude!


  1. Hooray for you and Happy Birthday! And Happy Solstice, to boot! Sending you love across the miles!


    Rebecca Smith 541.944.6339 Sent from my iPhone


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  2. Congrats on your new job and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That’s really awesome that your husband is taking you to a labyrinth on the winter solstice! Congrats on that too! You’re receiving lots of birthday gifts! Enjoy the heck out of them! ❤

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